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Vanus Technical Solutions Corp
Vanus Technical Solutions Corp
Total pilots: 38 Total pilot name length: 504
Males: 84.2% (32) Average pilot name length: 13.26
Females: 10.5% (4) Average age: 7y 338d
    Average Security Status: 0.77
Top 10 oldest characters
1. MagicMicrowaveBuddah (2003-09-01 17:30:00)
2. Ligneous MAX (2006-09-07 01:45:00)
3. Prunela (2007-03-11 19:01:00)
4. Grayer (2007-12-27 02:33:00)
5. Vex Nathal (2008-02-10 02:43:00)
6. CaptainShrike (2008-08-18 16:51:00)
7. Jetrax (2010-01-31 22:55:00)
8. Getrax (2010-05-03 01:37:00)
9. Kiger Hakaari (2011-01-28 22:02:00)
10. Tyzok Gold (2011-04-20 01:35:00)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
CEOJohn Vanus
Member Count50
Tax Rate15.0%
AllianceViolence of Action.
HQVashkah VI - Moon 2 - Chemal Tech Research Center
Description VANUS is an EVE and DUST514 Combat Engineering PvP Corp We are a home for friendly, and mature individuals who value honor, tactical skill and fun. As a corporation, we require loyalty, integrity, and a Warrior Ethos.

In EVE We specialize in Raiding doctrines and Cloaking Ships and as Engineers we can support mining & production as needed.
In DUST514 we specialize in Raid, Seizure, & Forced Entry Operations. We support our ground forces with a compliment of Orbital Fire Support

We provide:
 Rookie PvP training and tools support through our Corp and Alliance
 Regular corporation activities and operations
 Corporation sponsored ships. Drop Suits, Equipment, and skill books.

Whatever you want to do in EvE or DUST514, we can help you get there... faster.

What You Need To Join
In order to join our corporation, we need you to:
 Have a mature, friendly attitude;
 Be friendly, helpful and tolerant;
 Be a team player;
 Have a Full API on file;

No minimum skill points required - but you must be on a paid account.

We're Proud or our Members and their contributions to supporting our alliance.
Join VTS Pub to talk to our recruiters.
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