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 Listing former members of The White Aces
 Pilot Current Corporation Current Alliance
Aelena Thraant Aelena Thraant Crimson Canakinumab Crimson Canakinumab    
Albahaca Albahaca Bloodshot Eyes Bloodshot Eyes    
Bijan M'hael Bijan M'hael Caldari Provisions Caldari Provisions    
Bloodlet Eyes Bloodlet Eyes Eternum Pariah Eternum Pariah    
Bobachek Bobachek Brutor Tribe Brutor Tribe    
Dondo Yonderboy Dondo Yonderboy Infernal Armada Collegia Infernal Armada Collegia    
dragonie dragonie Omni Galactic Omni Galactic Central Omni Galactic Group Central Omni Galactic Group
Drako Von Komodo Drako Von Komodo KICKINSU. KICKINSU. Rate My Ticks Rate My Ticks
Eluros Eluros The Illuminatii The Illuminatii Wrecktical Supremacy. Wrecktical Supremacy.
emsres emsres Negative Density Negative Density D3nse Matter D3nse Matter
Fatal Rain Fatal Rain Black Dragon PHP Black Dragon PHP Darwinism. Darwinism.
Floundere Floundere Imperial Armed Defence Service Imperial Armed Defence Service    
Grommus Dolche Grommus Dolche Space Is Cold Space Is Cold    
Haril Ishai Haril Ishai Faultline Enterprises Faultline Enterprises    
Hederik Hederik BURN EDEN BURN EDEN Northern Coalition. Northern Coalition.
Hunter Vonnegut Hunter Vonnegut Body Count Inc. Body Count Inc. Pandemic Legion Pandemic Legion
Jarcle Jarcle Brutor Tribe Brutor Tribe    
Joe Universe Joe Universe Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Karrot Karrot Brutor Tribe Brutor Tribe    
Lian Ming Lian Ming Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Lucias Trask Lucias Trask The Scope The Scope    
Lucifier Lucifier The Executives The Executives Executive Outcomes Executive Outcomes
Lytewind Lytewind Imperial Shipment Imperial Shipment    
Marcinator1 Marcinator1 Negative Density Negative Density D3nse Matter D3nse Matter
Menmoch Menmoch Doomheim Doomheim    
Murd3rous Murd3rous Viziam Viziam    
Norath84 Norath84 Aliastra Aliastra    
P Troy P Troy Eclipse Navy Eclipse Navy    
Putitincider Jaggers Putitincider Jaggers Deep Core Mining Inc. Deep Core Mining Inc.    
Siglos Siglos Stone Salient Group Stone Salient Group    
Slarm Slarm Deep Core Mining Inc. Deep Core Mining Inc.    
Solenoid Switch Solenoid Switch Two Brothers Mining Corp. Two Brothers Mining Corp.    
Splisken Splisken Caldari Provisions Caldari Provisions    
Tarannus Tarannus Tarmart Tarmart    
Tremador Tremador Brutor Tribe Brutor Tribe    
Tresanal Tresanal Imperial Shipment Imperial Shipment    
UnknownVirus UnknownVirus Instant Annihilation Instant Annihilation    
Vensic Vensic Doomheim Doomheim    
Ziza Paylor Ziza Paylor Undisputed. Undisputed.    

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