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The Knights of Valhalla
The Knights of Valhalla
Total pilots: 2 Total pilot name length: 34
Males: 50.0% (1) Average pilot name length: 17.00
Females: 0.0% (0) Average age: 7y 3d
    Average Security Status:
Top 10 oldest characters
1. Claudia Heti (2012-07-28 21:50:00)
2. Amarr Citizen 92431312 (2012-09-10 14:23:20)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
CEOClaudia Heti
Member Count2
Tax Rate0.0%
AllianceMiners' Militia
HQUssad VI - Moon 7 - Civic Court Accounting

Low sec corp, within a coalition.

Looking for players to join me blowing shit up.
Put in an application with some info about what you like to do 'n' shit and it should be accepted quickly.
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