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Scions of Mars
Scions of Mars
Total pilots: 5 Total pilot name length: 45
Males: 80.0% (4) Average pilot name length: 9.00
Females: 20.0% (1) Average age: 12y 157d
    Average Security Status: -0.15
Top 10 oldest characters
1. Doyouwanna (2005-12-28 20:05:00)
2. lamoor (2006-08-27 08:14:00)
3. Tankmug (2007-06-29 16:50:00)
4. Propaghandi (2007-08-07 12:37:00)
5. Ilion Nexus (2009-02-22 09:25:00)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
Member Count8
Tax Rate0.0%
HQYvangier VIII - X-Sense Chemical Storage
Description The Scions of Mars originally hail from the red planet according to the old legends. Their primary focus, as it is now, was the building and production of the advanced craft that pilots take to the skies in.

If you're interested in joining then you will need to contact Arendetta or Ilion Nexus .
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