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Round Table Syndicate
Round Table Syndicate
Total pilots: 4 Total pilot name length: 30
Males: 75.0% (3) Average pilot name length: 7.50
Females: 0.0% (0) Average age: 10y 53d
    Average Security Status: 1.98
Top 10 oldest characters
1. axebearer (2009-03-05 12:12:00)
2. Jyka (2009-04-18 13:25:00)
3. Somme1916 (2010-03-10 02:59:00)
4. illindor (2010-03-26 08:04:00)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
Member Count4
Tax Rate3.0%
AllianceAbundance Alliance
HQKorama II - Moon 5 - Republic Security Services Logistic Support
Description We are the Syndicate & we sit at a round table where all have equal say And that will never change!

We're just getting started (scratch that were up and running and we need you! ) looking for new members of any race time zone and skill point level... newcomers welcome! Be on the ground floor and help shape the Syndicate.

We offer
*Experience and Knowledge about all aspects of the game from Arkonor mining in a worm hole to PVP questions are encouraged.

*Exploration of such said Worm Holes to cosmos missions radar ladar/site you name it!

*Low 3% corp tax which will never be raised and thats a promise!

*Equality, this corp was founded with the round table philosophy.... every corp runs the risk of spy's and thats a risk you have to take. Once you are a trusted member, roles will never hold you back from doing what you want to do in the game. Here your voice is heard and always factored in.

*Heavy isk making! Want faction ships? Want to buy a PLEX? we can show you how to make that isk. Who doesn't want a Navy Megathron or a Navy Raven or even a Machariel ... When your earning at least half a billion isk a month they can be yours!

*We will be moving in and out of wormholes with a POS billions to be made....need pilots!

*Level 4 mission running access with multiple corporations! Need to get your standing up? if the corp belongs to Gallente or Minmatar we have 100% access to all agents, Caldari Navy Missions at level 4 will be made availavle shortly... sorry no Amarr mission runners.... yet.

* Much more Convo Joeoetti, Repoman08, Sleven08, J akub Stormgaard or Kovacs Caprios for more information

Ventrillo Available! And required if intention is to join wormhole, also limited access api key and user ID is requested to be included in your application

Cheers and may you find vast riches and conquere your enemies wherever you may travel in EVE
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