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Red White and Screwed
Red White and Screwed
Total pilots: 10 Total pilot name length: 122
Males: 60.0% (6) Average pilot name length: 12.20
Females: 0.0% (0) Average age: 7y 217d
    Average Security Status: 1.63
Top 10 oldest characters
1. Mymidron (2007-11-23 23:21:00)
2. Gonnar Rossan (2008-12-16 01:47:00)
3. Alex Vagner (2008-12-21 23:08:00)
4. Vega Vagner (2009-05-23 05:33:00)
5. Jarun Kilron (2009-10-28 03:43:00)
6. Brian knight (2010-02-19 11:48:00)
7. Arn Magnussen (2011-10-20 22:22:00)
8. Big D Killersons (2013-01-03 04:04:00)
9. Simbad gunner (2013-12-01 01:18:23)
10. Chance Gunner (2013-12-23 10:52:15)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
CEOJarun Kilron
Member Count14
Tax Rate6.0%
AllianceTrojan Odyssey Consortium
HQMetserel V - Moon 8 - Astral Mining Inc. Mineral Reserve
Description "Red White and Screwed" Is named after the Lewis Black comedy special that the founding three members that make up the corp ticker [KBE] thoroughly enjoyed.

A primarily 'all rounder' corporation. RWS has been growing since early 2008 and has amassed awealth of experience we want to pass on to members of Eve's community, wIth wide leadership Timezone Coverage (Uk/US/Oceanic).

We have ship replacement schemes aswell as mineral purchasing programs available.

We are a close-knit corp.

Current goals are:
Growing a Strong Industrial Base and Combat base to support growing empire and low sec operations.

Always willing to help as we believe team based fun is the best kind of fun!

If you wanna join, please contact a recruiter.

Alex Vagner
Jarun Kilron

Alex Vagner
Jarun Kilron
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