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 Listing former members of Obsidian Shipyards
 Pilot Current Corporation Current Alliance
Aramith Aramith Doomheim Doomheim    
Aristoles Aristoles Aliastra Aliastra    
Bluenose Bluenose Brave Operations - Lollipop Division Brave Operations - Lollipop Division Test Alliance Please Ignore Test Alliance Please Ignore
Cara Meiffert Cara Meiffert The Asylum The Asylum    
Forfunest Forfunest Imperial Shipment Imperial Shipment    
Kahlan Zorander Kahlan Zorander Mord-Sith Mord-Sith    
Maximaester Maximaester Ultra Suede Ultra Suede    
Selak Zorander Selak Zorander Mord-Sith Mord-Sith    
Werft Werft Perkone Perkone    

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