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Naval Defence Force
Naval Defence Force
Total pilots: 66 Total pilot name length: 902
Males: 72.7% (48) Average pilot name length: 13.67
Females: 19.7% (13) Average age: 3y 192d
    Average Security Status: 2.33
Top 10 oldest characters
1. The Goat (2004-02-17 13:43:00)
2. Pacarus Maxilus (2006-04-12 12:20:00)
3. Rejunion (2010-06-27 11:50:00)
4. Snake Vargaz (2010-12-11 20:33:00)
5. Aroku Mora (2011-06-03 02:54:00)
6. Debian Minayin (2011-10-10 15:55:00)
7. Debian Amatin (2011-11-19 21:10:00)
8. Commander Artimon (2012-02-17 06:10:00)
9. cuinhel hilven (2012-09-02 11:28:28)
10. Rage Alice (2012-12-31 01:32:21)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
CEOWilliam Estemairen
Member Count39
Tax Rate0.0%
AllianceYulai Federation
HQNaeel VI - Moon 15 - Expert Distribution Retail Center
Description Naval Defence Force is just your friendly neighborhood NRDS corporation. No taxation and lots of representation.

We were founded in 2014 as a tax haven for a small group of friends. Over time, that circle of friends has grown into a gang, and we are growing still. We pride ourselves on focusing on having fun in New Eden and building a community that goes beyond fleets and making ISK, although we do a lot of both.

Our activities are focused on plexing accounts for our newer players through a diverse array of active and passive income options, as well as introducing newcomers to gameplay mechanics, PVP fleets, and everything else that this game has to offer. We operate out of the North American timezone and speak primarily English, although we have players online throughout the day and all over the world.

We are proud members of the Yulai Federation and defend Providence against piracy.

- Executive Officer: William Estemairen
- Defence Officer: Spencer11
- Operations Officer: William Zateki
- Diplomatic Officer. Tewodros Atram

If you are a new or older player looking for a tight community, message us anytime. We are recruiting new players: Calling all Pilots .
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