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Mufa Thukker Industries
Mufa Thukker Industries
Total pilots: 2 Total pilot name length: 24
Males: 0.0% (0) Average pilot name length: 12.00
Females: 50.0% (1) Average age: 6y 34d
    Average Security Status: 0.00
Top 10 oldest characters
1. Kiyara Mieyli (2011-04-11 06:25:00)
2. Rock Tobias (2013-04-30 06:21:00)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
CEOSaigo noKage
Member Count93
Tax Rate10.0%
AllianceWhy So Super Seri0Us
HQAakari I - Minedrill Refinery
DescriptionOdessey is here and we're getting rich mining ice in null. Come join us you Mufa Thukkers!

See our recruitment Thread:


Contract your ice bundles directly to Mufa Thukker Industries for the prices listed below. It's as simple as that.

Sept 23 - ice prices falling

6-GRN bundle (small anom) $41,500,000
4O- bundle (large anom) $48,500,000

6-GRN bundle (small anom):
25 Dark Glitter
20 Glare Crust
0 Krystallos
10 Gelidus
150 Thick Blue

4O- bundle (large anom):
40 Dark Glitter
16 Glare Crust
10 Krystallos
12 Gelidus
140 Thick Blue

We buy a mix of ice that mirrors the composition of the ice belt so that if you want to sell to us there is no benefit to cherry-picking.

*We will also buy you random ice bundles if you happen to have an odd batch, just contact us for a price.

Contact Wolfgang Helm if you have any questions.
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