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Moon Faced Assassins of Joy Inc
Moon Faced Assassins of Joy Inc
Total pilots: 9 Total pilot name length: 143
Males: 66.7% (6) Average pilot name length: 15.89
Females: 11.1% (1) Average age: 8y 188d
    Average Security Status: 1.10
Top 10 oldest characters
1. InsanitysSantiy2 (2009-12-31 17:01:00)
2. Finisabdies (2010-09-04 10:06:00)
3. Shandooo (2010-09-12 17:57:00)
4. Amarr Citizen 90415958 (2011-02-11 23:06:00)
5. Rakash Dezan (2011-04-22 18:00:00)
6. Vox Rommal (2011-05-18 16:34:00)
7. Caldari Citizen 91006403 (2011-07-15 08:08:00)
8. Caldari Citizen 91206489 (2011-09-09 18:09:00)
9. Roughneck Garaga (2011-09-24 15:53:00)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
CEORakash Dezan
Member Count12
Tax Rate5.0%
AllianceIn Umbra Mortis
HQTorvi VII - Moon 1 - Federation Customs Logistic Support
DescriptionJoy is a design flaw!

Builders, Shapers, Dreamers.

Treat us well and we will be your best friends, treat us poorly and we will bring the finger of God down upon you.

Yes we have POS's and Mobile labs and advanced labs.

Yes they are well defended.

If you like to build stuff, or just love having access to people who like to build stuff drop us an app. We are looking for New players and Old as long as they are good people who run missions, do research, build, mine and PVP.

We got our eyes toward the future, and Have plans for both low sec and null sec. We just need the people.

We are technicly in null sec since we have a POS in Worm Hole space.
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