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 Listing former members of Merlin and Corporation
 Pilot Current Corporation Current Alliance
Akari tyan Akari tyan Viziam Viziam    
Crumb Rus Crumb Rus Perkone Perkone    
CTPAy C CTPAy C Crowd Beavers Crowd Beavers    
Demean Lance Demean Lance Viziam Viziam    
General IS General IS PvE Holding PvE Holding    
Hamma Udzero Hamma Udzero Absolute Massive Destruction Absolute Massive Destruction    
LordMerlin Tyrael LordMerlin Tyrael Viziam Viziam    
Merlin tn Merlin tn Kinship Kinship The Initiative. The Initiative.
merlinlok merlinlok Viziam Viziam    
MerlinSim MerlinSim Viziam Viziam    
MerlinSin MerlinSin Viziam Viziam    
MerlinSym MerlinSym Ascendant Logistics Ascendant Logistics    
MerlinSyn MerlinSyn The Terrifying League Of Dog Fort The Terrifying League Of Dog Fort Goonswarm Federation Goonswarm Federation
MerlinusCaledonensis MerlinusCaledonensis Viziam Viziam    
Naitariya Naitariya The Scope The Scope    
Rud R Rud R GraveDiggers GraveDiggers Unknown Unknown
Senshi Idai Senshi Idai Black Mark. Black Mark.    
VelikiyMerlin VelikiyMerlin Ministry of War Ministry of War    

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