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 Listing former members of Knights of Eternal Glory
 Pilot Current Corporation Current Alliance
Aebn Rahd Aebn Rahd Aliastra Aliastra    
Ammon Dei Ammon Dei Did he say Jump Did he say Jump    
Aria75 Aria75 Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Drahkina Drahkina Aliastra Aliastra    
Drahklan Drahklan The Scope The Scope    
Drunasis Prime Drunasis Prime Almost Invisible Industries Almost Invisible Industries    
Enkaedu Loco Enkaedu Loco The Scope The Scope    
Galgg Galgg Perkone Perkone    
Garvi Garvi noXCorp noXCorp    
Gil Loki Gil Loki Deep Core Mining Inc. Deep Core Mining Inc.    
JinShu Gong JinShu Gong Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Lord KillShot Lord KillShot Brave Newbies Inc. Brave Newbies Inc. Brave Collective Brave Collective
Lord Warduke Lord Warduke Sebiestor Tribe Sebiestor Tribe    
Mazargar Mazargar    
Mildeww Mildeww Perkone Perkone    
Nyllac Nyllac Aliastra Aliastra    
Redachii Redachii The Scope The Scope    
Sue Goku Sue Goku Man Babies Man Babies    

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