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Knights of Azrael
Knights of Azrael
Total pilots: 4 Total pilot name length: 60
Males: 50.0% (2) Average pilot name length: 15.00
Females: 25.0% (1) Average age: 8y 330d
    Average Security Status: 3.25
Top 10 oldest characters
1. Hottspitta jR (2008-05-05 02:43:00)
2. Angel ratamniM (2010-05-07 05:08:00)
3. Harbinger'of'Life (2010-09-22 22:40:00)
4. Yvonne Horrendus (2013-10-24 01:20:57)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
CEODraven MCcloud
Member Count33
Tax Rate5.0%
AllianceThe Azrael Alliance
HQFV-SE8 VIII - Moon 1 - True Creations Logistic Support
Description Knights of Azrael are open for recruiting. We are looking for Mission Runners , Miners and Wormhole explorers. Currently we reside in High Sec home and also have a place in NPC Null Sec which we Rat/PvP in.

Low/Null sec roams are at players discretion however we would like to have activity enough to support ship reimbursement. Having a blast doing roams is what we love!

We don't require you to do anything special for us other then have TeamSpeak 3 and be of 16 years or older(Exceptions can be made). . If this is what your looking for you are welcome to contact one of the people below and apply. :-)

Requirements: 7.5 Million Skill Points(API Verified), Teamspeak 3*

Recruiting officers:
catTBE EU Tz
AngelofDeath666 US Tz

Corp diplos:

Just a group of close knit friends having a blast!

Newly formed alliance "The Azrael alliance" inquire the above 3 for more info......
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