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Kestrel's Haven
Kestrel's Haven
Total pilots: 5 Total pilot name length: 63
Males: 40.0% (2) Average pilot name length: 12.60
Females: 20.0% (1) Average age: 6y 210d
    Average Security Status: 0.01
Top 10 oldest characters
1. Hycisa Finir (2010-12-11 00:48:00)
2. Patrick McKone (2013-03-11 03:06:00)
3. Loki Reznov (2013-03-29 07:49:56)
4. lil Deathmantle (2013-04-17 09:54:00)
5. Man Cheedle (2013-05-19 13:46:49)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
CEOMan Cheedle
Member Count6
Tax Rate5.0%
AllianceDefcon Zero Alliance
HQArtisine IV - Moon 2 - The Scope Development Studio
We are a Fairly New Corpration, But Growing everyday, Looking for Fellow Pilots of every kind, We Offer Orca support for Mining Ops.

We Plan on having our hands in everything.

New And Old Pilots welcome,
New player? We will help you grow in Full.

- Only thing We require is an Active FULL API key!!! to be submitted with application to the corp.
!!!Website for API KEY!!!
= =
- Verification Code
- Key ID
- No Expiration
- All skill levels of pilots welcome!

Public Corp Channel: KESTR Haven
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