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HC - Get Rekt Baddie
HC - Get Rekt Baddie
Total pilots: 6 Total pilot name length: 69
Males: 66.7% (4) Average pilot name length: 11.50
Females: 16.7% (1) Average age: 8y 22d
    Average Security Status: 3.02
Top 10 oldest characters
1. lonewlf (2007-04-22 20:00:00)
2. TheKisogoButcher (2010-04-07 12:08:00)
3. Zeta Congar (2011-06-26 22:58:00)
4. Kross Solette (2012-10-27 17:58:29)
5. Erin Vasari (2013-01-01 19:34:34)
6. Kross Fires (2013-07-17 02:50:00)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
CEOKross Fires
Member Count3
Tax Rate0.0%
HQPiekura VIII - Moon 11 - State War Academy
Descriptionmerc and wardeck corp.

Diplo & wardeckfuhrer: Ailiece Ardua

you can hire us for the following services:

Structure bashing
structure defence
corp evacuations
highsec warfare
Freelance FC.

rates aply on duration and difficultie of the job.

wanna make 25 million?

send Ailiece Ardua intel on raitaru/astrahus/azbel/fortizar timers that lost their first 2 layers of defence max 7 jumps of jita in highsec!

Their needs to be more than 24 hours left on the invultimer.

send mail for wardeck negociations
recruitment = invite only.

wanna become part of the hogs collective?
Join Airhogs channel for more info.
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