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 Listing former members of Go Big or Go Home
 Pilot Current Corporation Current Alliance
09Murat Bolat 09Murat Bolat Imperial Shipment Imperial Shipment    
Amphitrity Akiga Amphitrity Akiga Viziam Viziam    
Anon E-Moose Anon E-Moose Sebiestor Tribe Sebiestor Tribe    
Aquilia Concordia Aquilia Concordia The Legion of Lost Ducks The Legion of Lost Ducks    
Atlantix Atlantix Aliastra Aliastra    
Chirrut Krennic Chirrut Krennic Viziam Viziam    
Damien Darksoul Damien Darksoul Xsjado Corp Industries Xsjado Corp Industries    
Dante D'alighieri Dante D'alighieri Viziam Viziam    
Darro Andromedus Darro Andromedus Viziam Viziam    
Dezabelle Zirud Dezabelle Zirud Ministry of War Ministry of War    
Duckie Thundernuts Duckie Thundernuts Imperial Shipment Imperial Shipment    
EisJade EisJade Viziam Viziam    
Elektra Fenrir Elektra Fenrir Sebiestor Tribe Sebiestor Tribe    
Fatkidsunday Shardani Fatkidsunday Shardani Someplace Else Someplace Else    
Fox FoxFaction Fox FoxFaction The Scope The Scope    
Ivy Bloodstar Ivy Bloodstar Caldari Provisions Caldari Provisions    
Jack Azereth Jack Azereth KarmaFleet KarmaFleet    
Jacob Airuta Jacob Airuta Perkone Perkone    
Jens Tricky Jens Tricky Imperial Shipment Imperial Shipment    
JoaoCTBA Templario JoaoCTBA Templario Boteco dos Amigos Boteco dos Amigos    
Lord Reignier Voltis Lord Reignier Voltis Viziam Viziam    
Malcolm Rinolds Malcolm Rinolds Injection Specialist Injection Specialist    
Memoranda Memoranda Perkone Perkone    
Miranda Alanda Miranda Alanda Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Nagy Csaba Nagy Csaba Viziam Viziam    
Pete Dalagio Pete Dalagio Resort Inn Casino and Hotel Resort Inn Casino and Hotel    
PL BANDIT PL BANDIT Imperial Shipment Imperial Shipment    
Radnarock Belerock Radnarock Belerock Strategic Exploration and Development Corp Strategic Exploration and Development Corp Unknown Unknown
Sabre Doshu Sabre Doshu Imperial Shipment Imperial Shipment    
Shifu Ma Shifu Ma Forge Fire Inc. Forge Fire Inc.    
Sir Liberal Sir Liberal Stay away from the Alpha Stay away from the Alpha    
Spectre Ma Spectre Ma Doomheim Doomheim    
Syylvia Wong Syylvia Wong Doomheim Doomheim    
Tenderrion Steller Tenderrion Steller Viziam Viziam    
Thoudius Creire-Geng Thoudius Creire-Geng Forge Fire Inc. Forge Fire Inc.    
Valentin Vito Valentin Vito Black Fruit Black Fruit    
Vanessa Hamoto Azizora Vanessa Hamoto Azizora Ma's Mining Industries Ma's Mining Industries    
WHERE FROM WHERE FROM The Scope The Scope    
Wolf Inkunen Wolf Inkunen Deep Core Mining Inc. Deep Core Mining Inc.    

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