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 Listing former members of Federal Navy Academy
 Pilot Current Corporation Current Alliance
007ko Nalliery 007ko Nalliery Doomheim Doomheim    
0bject Zero 0bject Zero The Scope The Scope    
1 Poo 1 Poo Wormbro Wormbro The Society For Unethical Treatment Of Sleepers The Society For Unethical Treatment Of Sleepers
3Gill 3Gill Nova LTD Nova LTD    
478 4563 478 4563 Doomheim Doomheim    
6aka3eu en Daire 6aka3eu en Daire Tribal Liberation Force Tribal Liberation Force    
Abraham Achasse Abraham Achasse The Scope The Scope    
Abuyasin Abuyasin The Scope The Scope    
Acchan 14th Acchan 14th Groovy Baby Groovy Baby    
Acoustik Gaming Acoustik Gaming The Scope The Scope    
Adam Kenty Adam Kenty Doomheim Doomheim    
Adase Pevic Adase Pevic Aliastra Aliastra    
Adde Shadow Adde Shadow The Scope The Scope    
Adele Gates Adele Gates Doomheim Doomheim    
Adeles Ban'dinorial Adeles Ban'dinorial Doomheim Doomheim    
Admiral Snail Admiral Snail Aliastra Aliastra    
Admirella Admirella Doomheim Doomheim    
Adocious Orlenard Adocious Orlenard The Scope The Scope    
Adorable Alpha Adorable Alpha Doomheim Doomheim    
Aeonimus Kvaerner Aeonimus Kvaerner Jews Inc. Jews Inc.    
AF Nosferatu AF Nosferatu Adeptus Funtizmus Adeptus Funtizmus    
Agaf Artmilov Agaf Artmilov Baby Corp. Baby Corp.    
Ahna Molly Ahna Molly Amok. Amok. Goonswarm Federation Goonswarm Federation
Ai Ni Ai Ni New Eden's Best. New Eden's Best.    
ai yai ai yai Doomheim Doomheim    
Akael detor Akael detor The Scope The Scope    
Akira Sang-Do Akira Sang-Do Ni-Kishi Light Industries Ni-Kishi Light Industries    
Akusa Akusa Doomheim Doomheim    
Alan Gatero Alan Gatero Subsidy H.R.S. Subsidy H.R.S.    
Alaron Mercer Alaron Mercer The Scope The Scope    
Albatheronwas boughtonebay Albatheronwas boughtonebay Doomheim Doomheim    
Aldelan en Gravonere Aldelan en Gravonere Gravonere Industry Gravonere Industry    
Aleksandr Korets Aleksandr Korets The Scope The Scope    
Aleksey Maudyda Aleksey Maudyda Doomheim Doomheim    
Alekseyka Amatin Alekseyka Amatin Eye of Saur0n Eye of Saur0n    
Alex Droogie Alex Droogie Anti-IRS Anti-IRS    
Alex Grad Alex Grad Doomheim Doomheim    
Alexa Dyz Alexa Dyz Reunincapacitated Industries Reunincapacitated Industries Unknown Unknown
Alexander Corvac Alexander Corvac Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Alfiez Alfiez Doomheim Doomheim    
Alien1HU Alien1HU Kaleesh INC Kaleesh INC    
Allaram Hushi Allaram Hushi The Scope The Scope    
Alois Haumann Alois Haumann Doomheim Doomheim    
AlphaGammaBeta AlphaGammaBeta Doomheim Doomheim    
AlphaGanker6 AlphaGanker6 I'm an Alpha not an Omega I'm an Alpha not an Omega    
Alpharius Laxate Alpharius Laxate The Scope The Scope    
Amlie Assene Amlie Assene Doomheim Doomheim    
Amonx Amarth Amonx Amarth Doomheim Doomheim    
Amras Mur Amras Mur Aplite Research Aplite Research    
Amy Chent-Shi Amy Chent-Shi Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Anabelle Dunier Anabelle Dunier Czarne Chmury Czarne Chmury    
AnAngryIrishman AnAngryIrishman Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Anatoliy Shumkov Anatoliy Shumkov The Scope The Scope    
Andrei Svarog Andrei Svarog Planare Industrial Corp. Planare Industrial Corp.    
Andrew Adama Andrew Adama The Scope The Scope    
Andrew Mc'Fly Andrew Mc'Fly Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Andru Murmansk Andru Murmansk The Scope The Scope    
Andy YARMBoss Andy YARMBoss Dynamite Collective Dynamite Collective    
Angela Moreno Angela Moreno Doomheim Doomheim    
Angiel Perfict Angiel Perfict Doomheim Doomheim    
Angleus Rose Angleus Rose Doomheim Doomheim    
Ankutosh Ankutosh The Scope The Scope    
Ann' Thrax Ann' Thrax The Scope The Scope    
Anna Mileghere Anna Mileghere Doomheim Doomheim    
Annie Leonhard Annie Leonhard Steel Wings Steel Wings    
Annolitt Annolitt Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Anthony Dix Anthony Dix Doomheim Doomheim    
Antirep Rokman Antirep Rokman Doomheim Doomheim    
Antollarestu Antollarestu Doomheim Doomheim    
Anvar Nessir Anvar Nessir Doomheim Doomheim    
Apate Dodekatheon Apate Dodekatheon Doomheim Doomheim    
APO FISZ APO FISZ The Scope The Scope    
Aprilla Aprilla Creative Mining Inc. Creative Mining Inc.    
aqinmotu Stark aqinmotu Stark State Protectorate State Protectorate    
ar19 ar19 Doomheim Doomheim    
Aravilor Winters Aravilor Winters The Scope The Scope    
ARC Truppe ARC Truppe I-F-L Thunderhawks I-F-L Thunderhawks    
Archdon Archdon SindicateAU SindicateAU    
Arengor Arengor Eternium. Eternium.    
Ariadna Brass Ariadna Brass Fire-Worship Fire-Worship    
Arius Ceruleus Arius Ceruleus Aliastra Aliastra    
Arkady Valdin Arkady Valdin The Scope The Scope    
Arknox Sensei Ahmadiyya Arknox Sensei Ahmadiyya Doomheim Doomheim    
Armel Martin Armel Martin Doomheim Doomheim    
Arn Dils Arn Dils The Scope The Scope    
ARN'NOX ARN'NOX Girls Not Allowed Girls Not Allowed    
Arthas Tivianne Arthas Tivianne Doomheim Doomheim    
Arthemist Aurora Arthemist Aurora BSC BSC    
Arx83 Arx83 The Scope The Scope    
Asarian Amatin Asarian Amatin Doomheim Doomheim    
asdfgrgdhgthfjetyjk asdfgrgdhgthfjetyjk Doomheim Doomheim    
Asher Ramshorn Asher Ramshorn Doomheim Doomheim    
Ashling Mortifyer Ashling Mortifyer Ruarey Ruarey    
Ashoa Tann Ashoa Tann Doomheim Doomheim    
Astiraelia Ginger Astiraelia Ginger Chaotic Legion Chaotic Legion    
Astrador Astrador Falcon Agency Falcon Agency    
Asuka FapHarem Asuka FapHarem Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Atenon X Atenon X Doomheim Doomheim    
Aurora Daninard Aurora Daninard Doomheim Doomheim    
AutopilotOff AutopilotOff Brolaire and Sunz Brolaire and Sunz    
Avalanche Exia Avalanche Exia The Scope The Scope    
Avalon Knight Gawain Avalon Knight Gawain Crusaders of Avalon Crusaders of Avalon    
ayla bearclan ayla bearclan Doomheim Doomheim    
Azmer'ii Nbaal'ii Azmer'ii Nbaal'ii Doomheim Doomheim    
AznMom420 AznMom420 Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
BackSide BackSide KPA6's Corporation KPA6's Corporation    
Baiame Baiame Sic Semper Tyrannis Sic Semper Tyrannis    
Balagur174 Balagur174 The Scope The Scope    
Baldhere Lafisques Baldhere Lafisques The Scope The Scope    
Baleria Gallente Baleria Gallente Doomheim Doomheim    
Ballgoof Ballgoof Lowered Expectations Lowered Expectations    
Ban Hammer Ban Hammer Doomheim Doomheim    
Banana2x Banana2x The Scope The Scope    
Bane Greeves Bane Greeves Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
BANKR0T BANKR0T Doomheim Doomheim    
Barabart Tawate Barabart Tawate Doomheim Doomheim    
BarSpace BarSpace Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Bart Stardarter Bart Stardarter Doomheim Doomheim    
Basement Bob Basement Bob Hardan Luca Invest Hardan Luca Invest    
Bashar Semjaza Bashar Semjaza Doomheim Doomheim    
Bastian Ratintin Bastian Ratintin Doomheim Doomheim    
Bear Grailed Bear Grailed Aliastra Aliastra    
Bebopper longshot Bebopper longshot The Scope The Scope    
Beckoner Shanna Beckoner Shanna Aliastra Aliastra    
Becky Heaven Becky Heaven Doomheim Doomheim    
Bel Metternich Bel Metternich The Scope The Scope    
Belenorl Einherverd Belenorl Einherverd Doomheim Doomheim    
Beleth Abaddon Beleth Abaddon The Scope The Scope    
Bella111 Donna Bella111 Donna The Scope The Scope    
Ben Gardner Ben Gardner The Scope The Scope    
Bheng Bheng NED-Clan NED-Clan Goonswarm Federation Goonswarm Federation
Bi Xia Bi Xia Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Biarr Valdeaux Biarr Valdeaux Dreddit Dreddit Test Alliance Please Ignore Test Alliance Please Ignore
Binks S Binks S Doomheim Doomheim    
Bjorn Adoudel Bjorn Adoudel Doomheim Doomheim    
Bl4chM3ch Bl4chM3ch Doomheim Doomheim    
Black Morgul Black Morgul Aliastra Aliastra    
Black Omnos Black Omnos Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Black Voxel Black Voxel Doomheim Doomheim    
Blacks Trooper Blacks Trooper Doomheim Doomheim    
BLake Gauge BLake Gauge Doomheim Doomheim    
Blondy Amatin Blondy Amatin Doomheim Doomheim    
Blood Assassin32 Blood Assassin32 The Scope The Scope    
Blue Amethyst Blue Amethyst Praetorian Guard Praetorian Guard    
Blue Chronophobic Blue Chronophobic Doomheim Doomheim    
Bo Forehand Bo Forehand Doomheim Doomheim    
bob Apoc bob Apoc Doomheim Doomheim    
Bob Krakos Bob Krakos Aliastra Aliastra    
Bob Loblaws Bob Loblaws Cleverer Than You Are Cleverer Than You Are On the Rocks On the Rocks
Bobh Five Bobh Five MCSA of Empire MCSA of Empire    
Brais Antollare Brais Antollare Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Brandheim Tzu Brandheim Tzu Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Brave Kirk Brave Kirk Doomheim Doomheim    
Brianna Glenanne Brianna Glenanne Intelligence Being Obviously eXcessive Intelligence Being Obviously eXcessive    
Brixx Amatin Brixx Amatin Doomheim Doomheim    
Bruce 'Hulk' Banner Bruce 'Hulk' Banner Doomheim Doomheim    
Bruce Tavers Bruce Tavers The Scope The Scope    
Bruedah Bruedah Slapsak Industries Slapsak Industries    
BuHT BuHT The Scope The Scope    
Builder Sanderson Builder Sanderson Resource Procurement Services Resource Procurement Services    
Caelen Deninard Caelen Deninard Colonial United Colonial United    
Caesar Skye Caesar Skye Doomheim Doomheim    
Caet Rhom Caet Rhom Pandemic Horde Inc. Pandemic Horde Inc. Pandemic Horde Pandemic Horde
cali jordan cali jordan citizens 1900 citizens 1900 Hard Knocks Associates Hard Knocks Associates
Callin Ormand Callin Ormand Doomheim Doomheim    
Calyx Hailer Calyx Hailer Aliastra Aliastra    
Captain Penes Captain Penes Doomheim Doomheim    
captin calder Crendraven captin calder Crendraven Doomheim Doomheim    
Carab Enro Carab Enro Doomheim Doomheim    
Carella Felstone Carella Felstone Doomheim Doomheim    
Carica Damuwa Carica Damuwa Cult of Claire Cult of Claire    
Carlene Ravine Carlene Ravine Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Carly Lemmont Carly Lemmont Boa Innovations Boa Innovations Brothers of Tangra Brothers of Tangra
Carter O'niell Carter O'niell The Scope The Scope    
Cell Block Cell Block Doomheim Doomheim    
Ceryph Ceryph Doomheim Doomheim    
Chancellor Nukem Chancellor Nukem The Scope The Scope    
ChaosNL ChaosNL Doomheim Doomheim    
Chap's Bro Chapultepec Chap's Bro Chapultepec Doomheim Doomheim    
chardwell smith chardwell smith Mission Ready Mining Mission Ready Mining    
Charles Daly Charles Daly The Scope The Scope    
Chendows PISlave Chendows PISlave The Scope The Scope    
cheungz cheungz vangruz Corp vangruz Corp    
Chin Aulx-Gao Chin Aulx-Gao Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Chinganchuk Chinganchuk The Scope The Scope    
Chloe Rossine Chloe Rossine Universal Heavy Industry Conglomerate Universal Heavy Industry Conglomerate    
Chrimi Anderson Chrimi Anderson Doomheim Doomheim    
Chris downlow Chris downlow The Scope The Scope    
Christiaan deKlerk Christiaan deKlerk qwantumic qwantumic    
Christina Vinanitie Christina Vinanitie United Federal Mining Trade Commission United Federal Mining Trade Commission    
CK0013 CK0013 Doomheim Doomheim    
Clara Alabel Clara Alabel Doomheim Doomheim    
Clare Kurea Clare Kurea The Scope The Scope    
Clueless316 Routt Clueless316 Routt Aliastra Aliastra    
cold2097 Chelien cold2097 Chelien The Scope The Scope    
Coppercat Coppercat Doomheim Doomheim    
Corbin Herveaux Corbin Herveaux Rokku Kuru Mineral Reserve Rokku Kuru Mineral Reserve    
Correli Banking Correli Banking Doomheim Doomheim    
Cortan Dallas Cortan Dallas The Scope The Scope    
Corvarius Eternus Corvarius Eternus Cold Eternity Cold Eternity    
Cory Blacklend Cory Blacklend Doomheim Doomheim    
cosminkl3 cosminkl3 Doomheim Doomheim    
Cosmos Cesaille Cosmos Cesaille The Scope The Scope    
Cptn Chaos Cptn Chaos Aliastra Aliastra    
Crios Aulx-Gao Crios Aulx-Gao Doomheim Doomheim    
Crunchy Muff Crunchy Muff Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Cujoe Morgan Cujoe Morgan Doomheim Doomheim    
Cuttler Lennelluc Cuttler Lennelluc Doomheim Doomheim    
Cyber Duck Cyber Duck Blazing Celts Blazing Celts    
Cynne Cesaille Cynne Cesaille The Scope The Scope    
cyrax Orlenard cyrax Orlenard Glden Company Glden Company    
Da Tesh Da Tesh Doomheim Doomheim    
Da'an Da'an Xanadu Xanadu    
Daevon Hughes Daevon Hughes The Scope The Scope    
Dagger Ixari Dagger Ixari The Scope The Scope    
Daimyo lord Daimyo lord Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Damavik Damavik Doomheim Doomheim    
Damian Annagares Damian Annagares Doomheim Doomheim    
Dan Parker Dan Parker Doomheim Doomheim    
Daniel Nardieua Daniel Nardieua Who Needs Friends Eh... Who Needs Friends Eh...    
Dantra Stellare Dantra Stellare Doomheim Doomheim    
Darius jay Darius jay Doomheim Doomheim    
Dark- Lar Dark- Lar Aliastra Aliastra    
DarkMatter46 DarkMatter46 Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Darman Skira Darman Skira Doomheim Doomheim    
Dary Antollare Dary Antollare The Scope The Scope    
Dave Cruger Dave Cruger The Scope The Scope    
Davo lali Davo lali Doomheim Doomheim    
Dawid Szafka Dawid Szafka The Scope The Scope    
Deadeye Cesaille Deadeye Cesaille Doomheim Doomheim    
Dean Travaevale Dean Travaevale The Scope The Scope    
Decimus Agrippa Decimus Agrippa FAYN Industries FAYN Industries Initiative Associates Initiative Associates
Def Kilon Def Kilon Doomheim Doomheim    
DefameUrM0m DefameUrM0m DefameUrM0m Corporation DefameUrM0m Corporation    
Degon Degon Doomheim Doomheim    
Demelain Malice Demelain Malice The Scope The Scope    
Demetra Charante Demetra Charante Doomheim Doomheim    
Der Feuerfurz Der Feuerfurz Siula Grande Siula Grande    
Derick Solt Derick Solt Stryker Squadron Stryker Squadron    
DerMalle DerMalle Aliastra Aliastra    
dfawed Yvormes dfawed Yvormes The Scope The Scope    
Diamo Dall Diamo Dall Doomheim Doomheim    
dirtydeed dirtydeed Aliastra Aliastra    
dislatento elmas dislatento elmas Doomheim Doomheim    
Divine Waffle Divine Waffle The Scope The Scope    
DJ Hammy DJ Hammy The Scope The Scope    
DJ Hype DJ Hype Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
DJ Weking DJ Weking Vision Partners Vision Partners Unknown Unknown
Djinada Jerax Djinada Jerax The Scope The Scope    
Dmeatriy Dmeatriy Doomheim Doomheim    
Dmitry Diomonik Dmitry Diomonik Doomheim Doomheim    
Do Deer Do Deer The Scope The Scope    
Dojona Dojona Doomheim Doomheim    
Dominator Akira Dominator Akira Doomheim Doomheim    
Don Luchano Don Luchano Doomheim Doomheim    
Don Redhorses Don Redhorses Doomheim Doomheim    
Drakt Drakt PolitePeople2016 PolitePeople2016    
Drayke Shilon Drayke Shilon Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Dresdon O'Neil Dresdon O'Neil 1st Star Ranger Regiment - TNG 1st Star Ranger Regiment - TNG    
Driana Solette Driana Solette Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Dulin Ivan Dulin Ivan Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Dustin Hix Dustin Hix Doomheim Doomheim    
Echerie Cadelanne Echerie Cadelanne Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Edmond Smith Edmond Smith Sky Fighters Sky Fighters Rote Kapelle Rote Kapelle
EKATEPUHA White EKATEPUHA White Doomheim Doomheim    
Eldar Umalatov Eldar Umalatov Doomheim Doomheim    
Elijah Blackburn Elijah Blackburn Doomheim Doomheim    
Elizabeth Tylor Elizabeth Tylor Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
elkhunter25 elkhunter25 The Scope The Scope    
ElSanches Gaterau ElSanches Gaterau The Scope The Scope    
Elvina Rondbel Elvina Rondbel Doomheim Doomheim    
Elx Elx Doomheim Doomheim    
Elyony Darnenglace Elyony Darnenglace Free Liberate Democratic Party Free Liberate Democratic Party    
ember janisi ember janisi Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
EmbyrCelyca Cadelanne EmbyrCelyca Cadelanne Doomheim Doomheim    
Emergent Keeper Emergent Keeper The Dark Space Initiative The Dark Space Initiative Scary Wormhole People Scary Wormhole People
Emilia Emilson Emilia Emilson Schizophrenics Schizophrenics    
Emma Ridell Emma Ridell Doomheim Doomheim    
empty Lennelluc empty Lennelluc Doomheim Doomheim    
Enfield Athens Enfield Athens TortoiseParadox TortoiseParadox    
Ennyx Omist Ennyx Omist Ennyx inc Ennyx inc Rate My Ticks Rate My Ticks
Eourlund Audeles Eourlund Audeles Doomheim Doomheim    
EREBUS HOLDER EREBUS HOLDER Last Milestone inc. Last Milestone inc. Interplanetary Expeditions LTD. Interplanetary Expeditions LTD.
Erick Adoudel Erick Adoudel The Scope The Scope    
Esunertus Esunertus Koichi Industrial Concern Koichi Industrial Concern    
Eva Madeen Eva Madeen Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
EVEoffline1 EVEoffline1 Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Execrater Execrater Doomheim Doomheim    
Exoya Cyanstar Exoya Cyanstar Doomheim Doomheim    
Extita Extita The Scope The Scope    
ezerfr Buelle ezerfr Buelle Doomheim Doomheim    
Ezrum Ezrum Doomheim Doomheim    
fafafafaafaf Tivianne fafafafaafaf Tivianne Doomheim Doomheim    
Fedor Kon'yhov Fedor Kon'yhov Trading Trend Co Trading Trend Co    
felsofrus felsofrus Doomheim Doomheim    
Feng do Feng do Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Filip Rightwing Filip Rightwing Aliastra Aliastra    
Flin Cadelanne Flin Cadelanne Imperium Initiative Imperium Initiative Intergalactic Online Industries Intergalactic Online Industries
flop flips flop flips Pandemic Horde Inc. Pandemic Horde Inc. Pandemic Horde Pandemic Horde
Flying Badass Flying Badass Doomheim Doomheim    
Fonduby Keenan Fonduby Keenan The Scope The Scope    
Forty Forty Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Foxy Laydee Foxy Laydee Private Corps Private Corps    
Frank Regis Frank Regis Doomheim Doomheim    
Frederic Crendraven Frederic Crendraven The Scope The Scope    
Freeman Antollare Freeman Antollare Doomheim Doomheim    
Frisian Outlaw Frisian Outlaw The Scope The Scope    
frugalculture frugalculture Aliastra Aliastra    
FUBIE Jones FUBIE Jones Doomheim Doomheim    
Fulgrim Lennelluc Fulgrim Lennelluc Doomheim Doomheim    
Furion Sjet Furion Sjet A.C.M.E FIsh A.C.M.E FIsh    
Galbadore Thellere Galbadore Thellere Doomheim Doomheim    
Gallente Citizen 1245317456 Gallente Citizen 1245317456 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 1361576443 Gallente Citizen 1361576443 Virakar Virakar    
Gallente Citizen 1432845835 Gallente Citizen 1432845835 TerraCorps Industrial Mining. Ltd TerraCorps Industrial Mining. Ltd    
Gallente Citizen 1519619033 Gallente Citizen 1519619033 Aliastra Aliastra    
Gallente Citizen 1831501817 Gallente Citizen 1831501817 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 414124710 Gallente Citizen 414124710 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 798010222 Gallente Citizen 798010222 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 85738953 Gallente Citizen 85738953 Space Cockerels Space Cockerels INFERNAL GAS MEAT INFERNAL GAS MEAT
Gallente Citizen 878899703 Gallente Citizen 878899703 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 90017310 Gallente Citizen 90017310 Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Gallente Citizen 90353368 Gallente Citizen 90353368 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 90442479 Gallente Citizen 90442479 Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Gallente Citizen 90489682 Gallente Citizen 90489682 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 90545952 Gallente Citizen 90545952 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 90570027 Gallente Citizen 90570027 Doomheim Doomheim    
Gallente Citizen 90836962 Gallente Citizen 90836962 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 90854804 Gallente Citizen 90854804 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 90989088 Gallente Citizen 90989088 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 91012070 Gallente Citizen 91012070 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 91092161 Gallente Citizen 91092161 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 91254626 Gallente Citizen 91254626 Doomheim Doomheim    
Gallente Citizen 91497965 Gallente Citizen 91497965 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 91583108 Gallente Citizen 91583108 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 91607601 Gallente Citizen 91607601 Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Gallente Citizen 91613227 Gallente Citizen 91613227 Sato Industries Sato Industries    
Gallente Citizen 91892226 Gallente Citizen 91892226 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 91937609 Gallente Citizen 91937609 Doomheim Doomheim    
Gallente Citizen 92179272 Gallente Citizen 92179272 a pilot group of companies a pilot group of companies    
Gallente Citizen 92243074 Gallente Citizen 92243074 United Forces of Liberty United Forces of Liberty    
Gallente Citizen 92269741 Gallente Citizen 92269741 Brotherhood of Intergalactic Celestrial Knights Brotherhood of Intergalactic Celestrial Knights    
Gallente Citizen 92717036 Gallente Citizen 92717036 The Seventh Heaven's Mercenary Group The Seventh Heaven's Mercenary Group    
Gallente Citizen 93396009 Gallente Citizen 93396009 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 93421567 Gallente Citizen 93421567 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 93454533 Gallente Citizen 93454533 The Scope The Scope    
Gallente Citizen 93506673 Gallente Citizen 93506673 Trontak Academy Trontak Academy    
Gallente Citizen 93566812 Gallente Citizen 93566812 Doomheim Doomheim    
Gallente Citizen 93626801 Gallente Citizen 93626801 Doomheim Doomheim    
Gallente Citizen 93788034 Gallente Citizen 93788034 The Scope The Scope    
GallenteCitizen49 GallenteCitizen49 Doomheim Doomheim    
gamer Orlenard gamer Orlenard The Scope The Scope    
Games Mistress Games Mistress Aliastra Aliastra    
GankMan Choi GankMan Choi Doomheim Doomheim    
Gapping Gapper Gapping Gapper G0DS AM0NG MEN G0DS AM0NG MEN RUST415 RUST415
Garret Valerion Garret Valerion Iron Vanguard Iron Vanguard    
Garrick Konquero Garrick Konquero Aliastra Aliastra    
Geldazane Geldazane Terminus Est Corpus Terminus Est Corpus    
Georgie Ambraelle Georgie Ambraelle The Scope The Scope    
Geryk Raghnak Geryk Raghnak Doomheim Doomheim    
Geshwin Geshwin Doomheim Doomheim    
Gg Ggovichx Gg Ggovichx Doomheim Doomheim    
Gideon Ravener Gideon Ravener The Scope The Scope    
Gilles J'rachel Gilles J'rachel Doomheim Doomheim    
Gje Abre-Kai Gje Abre-Kai Doomheim Doomheim    
Gladia Delmare Gladia Delmare The Scope The Scope    
Glowing Light1 Glowing Light1 The Scope The Scope    
Goheanowk Goheanowk Aliastra Aliastra    
goodwoag goodwoag Unknown Unknown    
Gordon Carruthers Gordon Carruthers Doomheim Doomheim    
Gordon Cole Gordon Cole The Scope The Scope    
Grellen Audeles Grellen Audeles The Scope The Scope    
GreyWolf Crendraven GreyWolf Crendraven Peacekeeper Industries Peacekeeper Industries    
Guardian Tarr Guardian Tarr The Scope The Scope    
Guerriere Chalutiere Guerriere Chalutiere The Scope The Scope    
Guiron Guiron The Scope The Scope    
Gunner Trill Adelle Gunner Trill Adelle The Scope The Scope    
Gurgen Wahabidze Gurgen Wahabidze The Scope The Scope    
Halconnen Halconnen Doomheim Doomheim    
Halo Tear Halo Tear Aliastra Aliastra    
Hanzo Thellere Hanzo Thellere The Scope The Scope    
Harmless Hugsz Harmless Hugsz Doomheim Doomheim    
Harrison Cho Harrison Cho Doomheim Doomheim    
Harukoha Harukoha Aliastra Aliastra    
Harusaka Harusaka Aliastra Aliastra    
Hauler Aldent Hauler Aldent QW Industries QW Industries    
Haw'ke Haw'ke Doomheim Doomheim    
Headhunter Snipes Headhunter Snipes Highland Material Sciences Highland Material Sciences    
Heidi Assisore Heidi Assisore Evul Inc. Evul Inc.    
Heidzin Heidzin RUS eXtrim RUS eXtrim R.I.S.K R.I.S.K
Hej Jow Hej Jow Polarized Enterprises Polarized Enterprises    
Helena Corwin Helena Corwin The Scope The Scope    
Hellbreaksloose Hellbreaksloose Drunken Knight's Chivalry Drunken Knight's Chivalry    
Helmet TMY Helmet TMY Silently navy Knight Silently navy Knight Unknown Unknown
Helmina Assene Helmina Assene Desmond Inc Desmond Inc    
Hemera Waya Hemera Waya Silent Horde of Wealthy AFK Mastery Silent Horde of Wealthy AFK Mastery Initiative Associates Initiative Associates
Henry McCourtney Henry McCourtney Doomheim Doomheim    
Heroshi Heroshi Tax Free Incursions Tax Free Incursions    
HerrMutzi HerrMutzi Derpagoats and Derpicorns Derpagoats and Derpicorns    
Hexian Saken Hexian Saken Doomheim Doomheim    
Hexit Hexit Doomheim Doomheim    
Hexsiie Hariere Hexsiie Hariere Unknown Reality Investigation Unknown Reality Investigation    
Hifto Thiesant Hifto Thiesant The Thundercougar Falconbirds The Thundercougar Falconbirds    
Hiolog Mileghere Hiolog Mileghere Doomheim Doomheim    
holo Esubria holo Esubria Doomheim Doomheim    
HolyGrails Fanclub HolyGrails Fanclub The Scope The Scope    
Horan Terran Horan Terran Doomheim Doomheim    
HornHammer HornHammer Aliastra Aliastra    
HughMungus HughMungus The Scope The Scope    
Hyan Kazuto Hyan Kazuto Doomheim Doomheim    
Hyksos Akawasa Hyksos Akawasa Aliastra Aliastra    
I'm Mexican I'm Mexican Doomheim Doomheim    
Iapetos Ravendahl Iapetos Ravendahl Doomheim Doomheim    
iAshZz Chalk iAshZz Chalk The Scope The Scope    
Icatian Deacore Icatian Deacore Aliastra Aliastra    
Iceman Phoenix Iceman Phoenix Deciples of the Phoenix Deciples of the Phoenix    
Icer363 Icer363 The Crimson Skulls Company The Crimson Skulls Company    
Icomis Icomis Doomheim Doomheim    
IdolOcelot IdolOcelot The Scope The Scope    
Ime Ime Ime Ime 24th Imperial Crusade 24th Imperial Crusade    
Imry Imry Lonesome Corp Lonesome Corp    
InquisitorVII InquisitorVII Doomheim Doomheim    
Irile Jailei Irile Jailei The Spirit of Wolf The Spirit of Wolf    
Isaiah Audeles Isaiah Audeles BetaMax Beta BetaMax Beta    
Ishta'Ri Gaterau Ishta'Ri Gaterau The Scope The Scope    
itan dichlore itan dichlore Doomheim Doomheim    
ittro ittro Project Auhman Project Auhman    
IX544 IX544 The Scope The Scope    
Jaii Pray Jaii Pray The Scope The Scope    
Jakar Narington Jakar Narington Excessive Research and Development Excessive Research and Development    
Jakk en Jala Jakk en Jala New Eden Mining Authority New Eden Mining Authority    
Jane Hauer Jane Hauer Doomheim Doomheim    
Jane Zyn Jane Zyn The Scope The Scope    
Je suis Eros Je suis Eros Doomheim Doomheim    
Jeff N Jeff N Jeff Trade Co. Jeff Trade Co.    
Jehryn Jehryn Aliastra Aliastra    
Jelia Jelia Doomheim Doomheim    
Jeremiah UjatBa Jeremiah UjatBa Gallente-Federation Navy-Defence-Initiative Gallente-Federation Navy-Defence-Initiative    
Jerro Aideron Jerro Aideron Doomheim Doomheim    
Jerry Leadbetter Jerry Leadbetter Welcome To Surbiton Welcome To Surbiton Brack Regen Brack Regen
Jerry Shepard Jerry Shepard The Scope The Scope    
Jerry Yuan Jerry Yuan Setcreasea Pallida Corporation Setcreasea Pallida Corporation Fraternity. Fraternity.
Jillian Ski Jillian Ski Doomheim Doomheim    
Jim Belmont Jim Belmont Doomheim Doomheim    
JimCraig JimCraig Outer Rim Logistics and Transportation Outer Rim Logistics and Transportation    
Jimmy Finch Jimmy Finch Children of Robert Children of Robert    
Jin Dejani Jin Dejani The Relativistic Effect The Relativistic Effect    
jin karma jin karma Minmatarian Death Squad Minmatarian Death Squad Unknown Unknown
Jin'sai Tsokun Jin'sai Tsokun Tax Syndicate Tax Syndicate    
jklgfhk jklgfhk Doomheim Doomheim    
Jlento4ka Jlento4ka Doomheim Doomheim    
john blacksteel john blacksteel Doomheim Doomheim    
Johnathan Kusion Johnathan Kusion KUSION SPECIAL TEAM KUSION SPECIAL TEAM Goonswarm Federation Goonswarm Federation
johnathan schulz johnathan schulz Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Johnny Cloon Johnny Cloon The Scope The Scope    
Johnny en Distel Johnny en Distel Doomheim Doomheim    
Jone Silver Jone Silver Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Joranite Tavoularis Joranite Tavoularis Yongtau Naskingar Corporation Yongtau Naskingar Corporation    
Joseph Gebbels Joseph Gebbels Doomheim Doomheim    
Jozzan Tal Jozzan Tal Doomheim Doomheim    
juicy JUICES juicy JUICES Doomheim Doomheim    
Julian Gotauri Julian Gotauri The Scope The Scope    
Junior Lafisques Junior Lafisques Doomheim Doomheim    
Juriross Juriross Logan Wing Logan Wing    
Just Causer Just Causer AirGuard AirGuard LowSechnaya Sholupen LowSechnaya Sholupen
Jymi Vemane Jymi Vemane Doomheim Doomheim    
Kalakokalikos Kalakokalikos The Scope The Scope    
Kalert Owen Kalert Owen Aliastra Aliastra    
Kalina Vasileva Kalina Vasileva Doomheim Doomheim    
Kalsari Kannit Kalsari Kannit Colnertia Group Colnertia Group    
Kando Beskargam Kando Beskargam Doomheim Doomheim    
Kannack Kannack The Scope The Scope    
KanumaH AvDey KanumaH AvDey Doomheim Doomheim    
Kapetan Stavros Kapetan Stavros Aliastra Aliastra    
Kar1sonchik Kar1sonchik Aliastra Aliastra    
Kari skifte Kari skifte Abolitionists Union Abolitionists Union    
Karlyle Thiesant Karlyle Thiesant The Scope The Scope    
Kat Jewell Kat Jewell The Scope The Scope    
Kata Klyzm Kata Klyzm Doomheim Doomheim    
Katana Blades Katana Blades Universal Pilots Academy Universal Pilots Academy    
Katia Bessonov Katia Bessonov Aliastra Aliastra    
Katsu Rugi Katsu Rugi Merlin Guard Merlin Guard    
Kawi Otaku Kawi Otaku Doomheim Doomheim    
Kaxim Dallocort Kaxim Dallocort Doomheim Doomheim    
Kedimi1i7 Kedimi1i7 Doomheim Doomheim    
Keldorin Evikorin Keldorin Evikorin Doomheim Doomheim    
Keldran Norfolk Keldran Norfolk Adam's Brotherhood Adam's Brotherhood Standing United. Standing United.
Kelsey Jakobs Kelsey Jakobs The Scope The Scope    
Kenja Saissore Kenja Saissore The Voidstalker Heresy The Voidstalker Heresy No Forks Given No Forks Given
Keynoc Keynoc Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Khila Sela'i Khila Sela'i The Scope The Scope    
KI Mundi KI Mundi Aliastra Aliastra    
killer Solette killer Solette The Scope The Scope    
Kimmuriel Starym Kimmuriel Starym The Scope The Scope    
Kirak Crendraven Kirak Crendraven The Scope The Scope    
Kisnala Valiokantet Kisnala Valiokantet Kings of Kush Kings of Kush    
kissme guy kissme guy Carebears From China Carebears From China SLYCE Pirates SLYCE Pirates
Kitty Brack Kitty Brack Doomheim Doomheim    
Kleio Kleio Doomheim Doomheim    
KLON 434 KLON 434 The Scope The Scope    
Klond Klond Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Koblih Kob Koblih Kob Doomheim Doomheim    
Konstanten Sergeev Konstanten Sergeev Doomheim Doomheim    
Korbl Buelle Korbl Buelle l.D.C. corporation l.D.C. corporation    
Kornelius Ormand Kornelius Ormand Doomheim Doomheim    
KOTNK 777 KOTNK 777 88nhjuu 88nhjuu    
Krispy Gibbins Krispy Gibbins Doomheim Doomheim    
Kround Kround Aliastra Aliastra    
Kryat Malak Kryat Malak The Rejected Alts The Rejected Alts    
Ksiomara Ksiomara Bankir Corporation Bankir Corporation    
Kthar Kordaris Kthar Kordaris The Scope The Scope    
Kukri Iso Kukri Iso The Scope The Scope    
kunnaha en Cedoulain kunnaha en Cedoulain Doomheim Doomheim    
kuroda7789 kuroda7789 Doomheim Doomheim    
Kurushimi Okami Kurushimi Okami Rooty Tooty Run and Shooty Rooty Tooty Run and Shooty    
Kwaren De'Lerou Kwaren De'Lerou Red Arrow Mercenaries Red Arrow Mercenaries    
Kyle Flinn Kyle Flinn The Scope The Scope    
Kyrghiz Kyrghiz Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Laby Narya Laby Narya NACHO Battle Pixies NACHO Battle Pixies Siege Green. Siege Green.
Lacrimeow Lacrimeow Doomheim Doomheim    
Lady Anoushka Lady Anoushka Doomheim Doomheim    
Lady Fenix Lady Fenix Sneaky Bastards. Sneaky Bastards.    
LadyGa Diva LadyGa Diva Euphoria-Online Euphoria-Online    
Lafouet Lafouet Doomheim Doomheim    
Laila Arnolles Laila Arnolles Doomheim Doomheim    
Lainoir Lainoir Rock Hoppers Rock Hoppers    
lannoo Ellecon lannoo Ellecon Doomheim Doomheim    
Lao Isya Lao Isya BL Corporation BL Corporation    
LaoYouTiao WU LaoYouTiao WU Phantom Moonlight Cavalry Phantom Moonlight Cavalry    
Larchik Larchik The Scope The Scope    
Larus en Welle Larus en Welle Doomheim Doomheim    
Last Severance Last Severance The Scope The Scope    
Latvijan Latvijan Doomheim Doomheim    
Lavetica Chelien Lavetica Chelien Doomheim Doomheim    
Lavrik lav Lavrik lav The Scope The Scope    
Leah Echerie Leah Echerie The Scope The Scope    
Lee roy jenkinz Lee roy jenkinz Doomheim Doomheim    
Leea Creire-Geng Leea Creire-Geng Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
lekkerding2 lekkerding2 Doomheim Doomheim    
LemonRose Hita LemonRose Hita WYNX Industries WYNX Industries WYNX WYNX
Leon Visdern Leon Visdern The Scope The Scope    
Leser Madullier Leser Madullier Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Leylany Leylany Sea Grizzly INC Sea Grizzly INC    
Liam Davis Liam Davis The Scope The Scope    
Lila Magnum Lila Magnum Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Lillianah Lillianah Doomheim Doomheim    
Lincoln Malcom Lincoln Malcom Bad Benny Noodle Corporation Bad Benny Noodle Corporation    
Lingus the Cunning Lingus the Cunning The Scope The Scope    
Liz Lennelluc Liz Lennelluc Doomheim Doomheim    
LLIaXTEP ACKu3CKuu LLIaXTEP ACKu3CKuu NOOB incorp NOOB incorp    
Logan Masters Logan Masters The Scope The Scope    
lola gaarwlnack lola gaarwlnack Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Lorimelle Lorimelle Fondation Yggdrass Fondation Yggdrass    
Lucky Diamond Lucky Diamond Doomheim Doomheim    
Lukethewalker Lukethewalker The Scope The Scope    
Lunaduck TheNatic Lunaduck TheNatic Aliastra Aliastra    
Lux Illumina Lux Illumina Doomheim Doomheim    
Ly'InIa Ly'InIa Aliastra Aliastra    
Mace Whiteeyes Mace Whiteeyes Origin. Origin. Fraternity. Fraternity.
macfudd macfudd Ashok Regiment Ashok Regiment    
MacGyver Victorinox MacGyver Victorinox Doomheim Doomheim    
maco6sr maco6sr Doomheim Doomheim    
maiden warshack maiden warshack The Scope The Scope    
Maki Soushi Maki Soushi The Scope The Scope    
makulatura makulatura The Scope The Scope    
Maldar Astron Maldar Astron Doomheim Doomheim    
Manaroth TheDevil666 Manaroth TheDevil666 Doomheim Doomheim    
ManiaC Prophecy ManiaC Prophecy The Scope The Scope    
Manmade fiber Manmade fiber Doomheim Doomheim    
Manticker the Seventy Manticker the Seventy ghostco. ghostco.    
Marcel Gaetje Marcel Gaetje Doomheim Doomheim    
Margo Buelle Margo Buelle Aliastra Aliastra    
Maricadie Maricadie Doomheim Doomheim    
Matt Ter Matt Ter Doomheim Doomheim    
MazGal MazGal Pandemic Horde Inc. Pandemic Horde Inc. Pandemic Horde Pandemic Horde
Megan Mox Megan Mox Doomheim Doomheim    
Megzyz Megzyz Moira. Moira. Villore Accords Villore Accords
Melanie Fate Melanie Fate 24th Imperial Crusade 24th Imperial Crusade    
Melsy Melsy The Scope The Scope    
Meng Tian Meng Tian The Scope The Scope    
Meow Olerie Meow Olerie Aliastra Aliastra    
Meryan Marisbobes Meryan Marisbobes Aliastra Aliastra    
Mi Ning Mi Ning Doomheim Doomheim    
Michael Aulerant Michael Aulerant Doomheim Doomheim    
Michael Chancel Michael Chancel Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Michalein Michalein The Scope The Scope    
Mighty Satori Mighty Satori Doomheim Doomheim    
Mihail Aurgnet Mihail Aurgnet Aliastra Aliastra    
Mihawk Busujima Mihawk Busujima Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Milton Cornagian Milton Cornagian Robots in disguise Robots in disguise    
MinerSpace MinerSpace Russian Economy Manufactory Russian Economy Manufactory    
Mobs L Mobs L Doomheim Doomheim    
Mokk Fillett Mokk Fillett Freedom From Fear Industries Freedom From Fear Industries    
Mombie Mombie Heim fuer schwer erziehbare Zocker Heim fuer schwer erziehbare Zocker    
Monkey Boirelle Monkey Boirelle Killer Monkey Army Killer Monkey Army    
Morcik Morcik The Scope The Scope    
Morris Gaterau Morris Gaterau Doomheim Doomheim    
Mory Rhodan-Abro Mory Rhodan-Abro Wuff Konsortium Wuff Konsortium    
Moustachio Charante Moustachio Charante Advanced Combat Survival Team Advanced Combat Survival Team    
Mr Care Mr Care Doomheim Doomheim    
Mr Dobilina Mr Dobilina Corpus PCG Corpus PCG    
Mr Double Mr Double The Scope The Scope    
Mr Gao Mr Gao Doomheim Doomheim    
Mr Hush Mr Hush Amazing Super Slackers Amazing Super Slackers Requiem Eternal Requiem Eternal
Mrs GankAlot Mrs GankAlot Doomheim Doomheim    
Mutnaya Mutnaya Globotech Globotech    
Mykerrigan Mykerrigan Aliastra Aliastra    
Nachek Sedine Nachek Sedine The Scope The Scope    
nakisis nakisis MoonRabbit Collective MoonRabbit Collective    
Namoth Namoth The Scope The Scope    
Natascha Romanovsky Natascha Romanovsky Marine Spezial Kraefte Marine Spezial Kraefte The Initiative. The Initiative.
Nebb Alabel Nebb Alabel The Scope The Scope    
Negative MeatPopsicle Negative MeatPopsicle autism kilowatt-hours autism kilowatt-hours    
nerea Deninard nerea Deninard Doomheim Doomheim    
Netha Veris Netha Veris Doomheim Doomheim    
Nevo Fernando Nevo Fernando Imperial Dreams Imperial Dreams    
Niall Halpin Niall Halpin Doomheim Doomheim    
Nice Package Nice Package Zero-G Hydroponics Zero-G Hydroponics    
Nicholas Mairn Nicholas Mairn The Scope The Scope    
Nighthawk The Assassin Nighthawk The Assassin The Scope The Scope    
Nihaoyouwhore Nihaoyouwhore Doomheim Doomheim    
Nika Zotoffa Nika Zotoffa The Scope The Scope    
Nikita Cyphert Nikita Cyphert Doomheim Doomheim    
NikitosGar Garshin NikitosGar Garshin Doomheim Doomheim    
Nikkita Gallenson Nikkita Gallenson The Real Dark Army The Real Dark Army    
Niko Arramarr Niko Arramarr The Scope The Scope    
Noi en Chalune Noi en Chalune KADMUS Inc. KADMUS Inc.    
Noor Balliol Noor Balliol Doomheim Doomheim    
Norris White Norris White Doomheim Doomheim    
Not Well Not Well The Scope The Scope    
Obsidianx1 Obsidianx1 Aliastra Aliastra    
Oculus-Infernum Solette Oculus-Infernum Solette Strategic Exploration and Development Corp Strategic Exploration and Development Corp    
Okineas Okineas No tax for you No tax for you    
Oleg Miroslav Oleg Miroslav Doomheim Doomheim    
Oligor Oligor Lotka Volterra Inc. Lotka Volterra Inc.    
Omega Gizmo Omega Gizmo Unforgettable Dark Blades Inc Unforgettable Dark Blades Inc    
onenightstand Aideron onenightstand Aideron Caliban Logistics and Storage Caliban Logistics and Storage    
OnlyMeHG2 OnlyMeHG2 The Scope The Scope    
OpLusX CNLC OpLusX CNLC The Scope The Scope    
oresheeek Audene oresheeek Audene Doomheim Doomheim    
Orodel Zvacs Orodel Zvacs Doomheim Doomheim    
Osiris Ford Osiris Ford The Vicious Scorpions The Vicious Scorpions    
Othium Mcleoud Othium Mcleoud Species 8472 Assimilated Species 8472 Assimilated    
Otosho Minorson Otosho Minorson The Guardians of the Galaxy The Guardians of the Galaxy    
Otto Pilot Otto Pilot Aliastra Aliastra    
Ouranos Dastech Ouranos Dastech Doomheim Doomheim    
Outside Joke Outside Joke Pandemic Horde Inc. Pandemic Horde Inc. Pandemic Horde Pandemic Horde
Paetrir Rantall Paetrir Rantall WiNGSPAN Delivery Services WiNGSPAN Delivery Services WiNGSPAN Delivery Network WiNGSPAN Delivery Network
Pakaru Taonga Pakaru Taonga Vuile Rotte Boeven Vuile Rotte Boeven    
Panda Patrol Panda Patrol Aliastra Aliastra    
Paris Smirnova Paris Smirnova Doomheim Doomheim    
Patrick Cleburne Patrick Cleburne The Scope The Scope    
Paul Waro Kesz Paul Waro Kesz 24th Imperial Crusade 24th Imperial Crusade    
Pawfect Paw Pawfect Paw Doomheim Doomheim    
Pentragon187 Pentragon187 Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Peter Sewing Peter Sewing Doomheim Doomheim    
Philip Arudan Philip Arudan Doomheim Doomheim    
Pidorio Ebanini Pidorio Ebanini The Scope The Scope    
Pii Nazz Pii Nazz Pii-Nazz Pii-Nazz    
pijpslet Lennelluc pijpslet Lennelluc Doomheim Doomheim    
Ping-ha Mei-stre Ping-ha Mei-stre Brotherhood of Eternity Research Industries Brotherhood of Eternity Research Industries    
Pizaz Miller Pizaz Miller Glass Graves Glass Graves    
pliGhtl3ss pliGhtl3ss Doomheim Doomheim    
Poto Muchto Poto Muchto Wild Puppies Corporation Wild Puppies Corporation    
Prayer1988 Prayer1988 Aliastra Aliastra    
Predator BOA Predator BOA The Icarus Expedition The Icarus Expedition Solyaris Chtonium Solyaris Chtonium
Production Patty Production Patty The Scope The Scope    
Prometheus Elendil Prometheus Elendil New Civil Fleet New Civil Fleet    
Psychodel Pekard Psychodel Pekard Family Regis Corporation Family Regis Corporation    
Pure nHoly Pure nHoly Playboy Enterprises Playboy Enterprises Dark Taboo Dark Taboo
Qk3M Qk3M Qk23M Qk23M    
QuaiNu Cherry Apolyon QuaiNu Cherry Apolyon Shadow of ISW Shadow of ISW    
quemb quemb The Scope The Scope    
Qui-Gon Audomentor Qui-Gon Audomentor The Scope The Scope    
Quint Ilium Quint Ilium Major Engagement Major Engagement    
Quorra Crespo Quorra Crespo 1 8 7 1 8 7    
Qwelli Viliana Qwelli Viliana Doomheim Doomheim    
Qwin Sweg Qwin Sweg Tribal Liberation Force Tribal Liberation Force    
Radomir Rusin Radomir Rusin Doomheim Doomheim    
Rahvin Ambraelle Rahvin Ambraelle Doomheim Doomheim    
Raiach Aldent Raiach Aldent The Scope The Scope    
Ramzah Ramzah The Scope The Scope    
random man1 random man1 Doomheim Doomheim    
Rastafarik Rastafarik Doomheim Doomheim    
RatFive RatFive Canadian Lycorus Canadian Lycorus    
Rayjay Grindjenko Rayjay Grindjenko Doomheim Doomheim    
Rayman Vaille Rayman Vaille Doomheim Doomheim    
Raymond Tusk McRaney Raymond Tusk McRaney Doomheim Doomheim    
Razyk Vyrestte Razyk Vyrestte Vyrestte Ventures Vyrestte Ventures    
Rea Deninard Rea Deninard criminal fleet criminal fleet    
Reaper Umbrella Reaper Umbrella The Scope The Scope    
reaper756 Antollare reaper756 Antollare The Scope The Scope    
Recht Medragan Recht Medragan The Scope The Scope    
Red Demigod Red Demigod Aliastra Aliastra    
Renegade Treachery Renegade Treachery Doomheim Doomheim    
restlyn restlyn Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Retardation Retardation Jenny Tills On Show Jenny Tills On Show    
Reven Starkiller Reven Starkiller Doomheim Doomheim    
Rex Weaver Rex Weaver CoreAsault Corp CoreAsault Corp    
Rhea Electra Rhea Electra The Scope The Scope    
Rickibus Herrtuttar Rickibus Herrtuttar Mission Ready Mining Mission Ready Mining Fly Fearless Fly Fearless
Riddar Kato Riddar Kato The Scope The Scope    
Ripper412 Ripper412 JPMorgan Chase Bank JPMorgan Chase Bank    
Robin Bayne Robin Bayne Doomheim Doomheim    
Rock RR Rock RR Rock's Raiders Rock's Raiders Napalm Sticks To Kids Napalm Sticks To Kids
Rock time Rock time Evil Dead L.L.C. Evil Dead L.L.C.    
Roen Lian-Yu Roen Lian-Yu Doomheim Doomheim    
rogue Aldebaran rogue Aldebaran The Scope The Scope    
RoKKeTTe TniK RoKKeTTe TniK Mauser School of Panzer Kunst Mauser School of Panzer Kunst    
Roman Bonday Roman Bonday Doomheim Doomheim    
Romus Vaille Romus Vaille Doomheim Doomheim    
Rosencrance3 Rosencrance3 The Scope The Scope    
roxx08 roxx08 Roxx Incorporated Roxx Incorporated    
royalcommand royalcommand Trivium Trivium    
Ruan Thellere Ruan Thellere Doomheim Doomheim    
Rush Chelieon Rush Chelieon Doomheim Doomheim    
Rydus Holter Rydus Holter Row Row Fight the Power Row Row Fight the Power Test Alliance Please Ignore Test Alliance Please Ignore
Rysiu Zklanu Rysiu Zklanu Doomheim Doomheim    
S0LT S0LT Mr.KorD Corporations Mr.KorD Corporations    
Saibina Saibina Doomheim Doomheim    
Saimah Fut's-Lung Saimah Fut's-Lung Doomheim Doomheim    
SaintC1337 Salandanan SaintC1337 Salandanan Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Sakotsu Ormand Sakotsu Ormand Skill Level VI Skill Level VI    
Sakura Himegami Sakura Himegami Doomheim Doomheim    
Sally d'Noob Sally d'Noob Starfire Oasis Starfire Oasis    
Salvage DuFromage Salvage DuFromage The Scope The Scope    
Samael Samael Samael Samael Doomheim Doomheim    
Samantha Toibason Samantha Toibason The Scope The Scope    
Samwise Aideron Samwise Aideron Doomheim Doomheim    
Sandy Pruel Sandy Pruel Doomheim Doomheim    
Santain Santain The Scope The Scope    
Saphireia Saphireia The Scope The Scope    
Sara Collins-Valo Sara Collins-Valo Doomheim Doomheim    
Sarah Eiliii Sarah Eiliii Doomheim Doomheim    
Sarli Va'Sha Sarli Va'Sha Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Sasheello Loner Sasheello Loner Rage of Stars Rage of Stars    
Scanner Jytte Scanner Jytte Plejehjemmet Plejehjemmet    
Schereau12 Schereau12 Doomheim Doomheim    
SCP2-1 SCP2-1 State Protectorate State Protectorate    
Sealena Sealena Hegemonic Research Hegemonic Research    
Sentiel Starcraft Sentiel Starcraft Starcraft Corporation Starcraft Corporation    
Sepertan Bromine Sepertan Bromine Aliastra Aliastra    
Septu Tank Septu Tank HC - Mean Old Men HC - Mean Old Men    
Serena Lucia Aruna Serena Lucia Aruna Biber Hyper Logistics Biber Hyper Logistics    
Serge Vaille Serge Vaille Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Sergey Agnon Sergey Agnon Ghosts of Unknown Universe Ghosts of Unknown Universe    
Sergus Konstantinus Sergus Konstantinus Doomheim Doomheim    
SerHer Audier SerHer Audier SerHer Audier Corporation SerHer Audier Corporation    
ShadowWolf Aideron ShadowWolf Aideron The Scope The Scope    
Shai Katan Shai Katan Doomheim Doomheim    
Shallow and Pedantic Shallow and Pedantic Doomheim Doomheim    
Shaun Alex Shaun Alex The Scope The Scope    
Shayhna McGillen Shayhna McGillen The Scope The Scope    
Shazbut Kuddlebum Shazbut Kuddlebum Doomheim Doomheim    
Shezozer Aldent Shezozer Aldent The Scope The Scope    
Shift Dallocort Shift Dallocort The Scope The Scope    
Shin Ryu Shin Ryu Doomheim Doomheim    
Shinn Auska Shinn Auska Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Should Lu Should Lu State Protectorate State Protectorate    
Shredden Shredden The Scope The Scope    
Sianias Sianias Gore Industry Gore Industry    
Sigurd Winters Sigurd Winters Doomheim Doomheim    
Sikara Sikara Doomheim Doomheim    
Sil Vord Sil Vord The Scope The Scope    
Silence or Violence Silence or Violence Doomheim Doomheim    
Silent Lies Silent Lies Doomheim Doomheim    
Silviya Shepard Silviya Shepard Doomheim Doomheim    
Sing Lei Wue Sing Lei Wue Doomheim Doomheim    
Singularity Approaches Singularity Approaches The Scope The Scope    
Sinta Crawlaar Sinta Crawlaar The Scope The Scope    
Sirantha Jaax Sirantha Jaax Cornerstone Training Academy Cornerstone Training Academy    
SitNik Thellere SitNik Thellere The Scope The Scope    
Skimmer Tenchi Skimmer Tenchi Alfrothul clan Alfrothul clan    
Skolskei Skolskei The Scope The Scope    
Skram Anthan Skram Anthan Doomheim Doomheim    
Skrrp Skrrp Dark-Cryo Dark-Cryo    
SkyEstaLimit SkyEstaLimit SpaceTravelers Freelance Corp SpaceTravelers Freelance Corp    
Slava68 Loginov Slava68 Loginov The Scope The Scope    
Slayerica80 Slayerica80 Doomheim Doomheim    
smellypiratehooker smellypiratehooker Doomheim Doomheim    
Smexy Plexy Smexy Plexy Aliastra Aliastra    
Smile Max Smile Max Doomheim Doomheim    
Snaky Alfa Snaky Alfa The Scope The Scope    
Snt Nic Snt Nic Doomheim Doomheim    
Snyderscrumb Cheephukar Snyderscrumb Cheephukar Dredge Nation Dredge Nation    
Soda Pop Soda Pop Incessant Onslaught Incessant Onslaught    
Solis Alrenard Solis Alrenard The Scope The Scope    
Solomon Tiberius Solette Solomon Tiberius Solette The Scope The Scope    
Somi Zulfi Somi Zulfi Pandemic Horde Inc. Pandemic Horde Inc.    
spider human spider human The Scope The Scope    
Spider Sauce Spider Sauce Doomheim Doomheim    
Squirrox RushHill Squirrox RushHill Mica's Merry Mercs Mica's Merry Mercs    
Starscorcher 0010 Starscorcher 0010 Doomheim Doomheim    
Stella de Luna Stella de Luna Arkham Clones Arkham Clones Gotham Knights Gotham Knights
Stella StarPounder Stella StarPounder Doomheim Doomheim    
Stellar Wonder Stellar Wonder Doomheim Doomheim    
Stephen Garnered Stephen Garnered Doomheim Doomheim    
Steve Solettee Steve Solettee Doomheim Doomheim    
Steven Wallis Steven Wallis Aurora fleet mining complex Aurora fleet mining complex Fraternity. Fraternity.
Stevie Williamson Stevie Williamson Tea At Ten Tea At Ten    
Stevo Seagull Stevo Seagull Doomheim Doomheim    
Sting Uinthe Sting Uinthe The Scope The Scope    
StoneRaider StoneRaider The Scope The Scope    
Stormbaine LeChef Stormbaine LeChef Doomheim Doomheim    
Stoute Scout Stoute Scout Doomheim Doomheim    
Su Nyx Su Nyx Doomheim Doomheim    
Suna Warchief Suna Warchief Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
sunsky zhao sunsky zhao Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Super OJBK Super OJBK Eternity Pavilion Eternity Pavilion Test Alliance Please Ignore Test Alliance Please Ignore
Surok Buelle Surok Buelle Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Susan Shepard Susan Shepard Doomheim Doomheim    
suzielips suzielips The Scope The Scope    
Swing Low Swing Low Hibi Jibi Hibi Jibi    
swregw mining2 swregw mining2 Federal Defense Union Federal Defense Union    
Sylus Dallocort Sylus Dallocort Doomheim Doomheim    
symx Orlenard symx Orlenard STARCHASER Inc. STARCHASER Inc. STARCHASER Alliance STARCHASER Alliance
Syra na'Ngo Syra na'Ngo Synergetic Industries and Design Synergetic Industries and Design    
Tabitha Brandywine Tabitha Brandywine The Scope The Scope    
Taira Kiyomori Taira Kiyomori Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Talon Saiy Talon Saiy Lets Just Play Lets Just Play    
Tanith Sunreaver Tanith Sunreaver Yellow Duck Consortium Yellow Duck Consortium    
tankida tankida Doomheim Doomheim    
Tankul Skavenblight Tankul Skavenblight Hephaestus Iron Mills Hephaestus Iron Mills    
Tara Dacella Tara Dacella Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Taranis Sky Taranis Sky Sky Clan Collective Sky Clan Collective    
Tarderon Gaterau Tarderon Gaterau Unknown Unknown    
tarZ Ormand tarZ Ormand Doomheim Doomheim    
tasselhoffs tasselhoffs The Scope The Scope    
Taylor Echerie Taylor Echerie The Scope The Scope    
Tebit Thiesant Tebit Thiesant Doomheim Doomheim    
TENGA RUS TENGA RUS Doomheim Doomheim    
Tensa Dzangetsu Tensa Dzangetsu Doomheim Doomheim    
Tenzan Shiragiku Tenzan Shiragiku Doomheim Doomheim    
Teridier Teridier Aliastra Aliastra    
Tertar Aubaris Tertar Aubaris Aliastra Aliastra    
Tesla Nomadicus Tesla Nomadicus Ghesis Crimson Pandemic Ghesis Crimson Pandemic    
Thae Cae Thae Cae KarmaFleet KarmaFleet Goonswarm Federation Goonswarm Federation
Thanks Brexit Thanks Brexit Radioactive Cows Radioactive Cows    
The Nurbs The Nurbs A Blessed Bean A Blessed Bean Pandemic Horde Pandemic Horde
Thista Jason Thista Jason Doomheim Doomheim    
Thor 0f Asgard Thor 0f Asgard Professionals Incorporated Professionals Incorporated The Initiative. The Initiative.
Thor Thiesant Thor Thiesant The Scope The Scope    
Thorgarr Thorgarr Aliastra Aliastra    
Thorke Thorke Aliastra Aliastra    
Thunk Amudian Thunk Amudian Fusion Enterprises Ltd Fusion Enterprises Ltd Brothers of Tangra Brothers of Tangra
Tim Ravec Tim Ravec Octogon Limited Company Octogon Limited Company    
tina Marica tina Marica Doomheim Doomheim    
Tiny Pines Tiny Pines Doomheim Doomheim    
Tissant Stenier-Tian Tissant Stenier-Tian Doomheim Doomheim    
Tiyana Jo'kzay Tiyana Jo'kzay Doomheim Doomheim    
Tobiah Thane Tobiah Thane The Scope The Scope    
Tolohan Tolohan Aliastra Aliastra    
Tommy Della Terra Tommy Della Terra Doomheim Doomheim    
tomy dazon tomy dazon Doomheim Doomheim    
Torthur Severasse Torthur Severasse Doomheim Doomheim    
tre Thiesant tre Thiesant Doomheim Doomheim    
TreeSha Sandswimmer TreeSha Sandswimmer Fantastic PilotS Squadron Fantastic PilotS Squadron    
Tribomber Killbot Tribomber Killbot Doomheim Doomheim    
Tristanti Dolzethrel Tristanti Dolzethrel Doomheim Doomheim    
Trixxxia Trixxxia Doomheim Doomheim    
Troy Severase Troy Severase Doomheim Doomheim    
Troy White Troy White Jahon Geer Jahon Geer    
tsbertalan tsbertalan Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
TuexaXucha TuexaXucha Conoco. Conoco. Literally Triggered Literally Triggered
Tw7 Tw7 Doomheim Doomheim    
twitzone Ormand twitzone Ormand The Scope The Scope    
Tyler Atlas Tyler Atlas Doomheim Doomheim    
Tyrapilas Tyrapilas The Scope The Scope    
Ulixes Wolven Ulixes Wolven Gallente 7th Fleet Gallente 7th Fleet    
Ultimate Acer Ultimate Acer The Scope The Scope    
Usani Gallente Usani Gallente Doomheim Doomheim    
User Untitled User Untitled Starry Sky Fleet Starry Sky Fleet Fraternity. Fraternity.
Usnea Usnea Aliastra Aliastra    
Uyemi Uyemi Doomheim Doomheim    
Vag Vag Doomheim Doomheim    
Van Ny Van Ny The Scope The Scope    
VANZER704 VANZER704 The Scope The Scope    
Vazroth Vazroth Aliastra Aliastra    
Veirs Veirs The Scope The Scope    
Venus Novan Venus Novan N.N-Dimethyltryptamine N.N-Dimethyltryptamine    
Vergassen Vergassen Doomheim Doomheim    
Verna SilverKnot Verna SilverKnot VTEC Incorporated VTEC Incorporated    
Vicktorio Vicktorio The Scope The Scope    
Victor Torch Victor Torch Doomheim Doomheim    
Vieek Maulerant Vieek Maulerant Doomheim Doomheim    
Virginia Iomega Virginia Iomega The Scope The Scope    
Viridian Fox Viridian Fox The Scope The Scope    
Virrok Arnoux Virrok Arnoux Doomheim Doomheim    
Vivienne Clark Vivienne Clark Aliastra Aliastra    
Volion Brant Volion Brant Doomheim Doomheim    
Voort saBrinring Voort saBrinring The Scope The Scope    
VPC1 VPC1 Kataphractoi Kataphractoi    
Vykorin Echerie Vykorin Echerie Regime Of Shadow Marines Regime Of Shadow Marines    
Vynneve en Tilavine Vynneve en Tilavine State Protectorate State Protectorate    
W1ll1am W1ll1am Aliastra Aliastra    
wacky chic wacky chic Aliastra Aliastra    
Warp Scrambler I Warp Scrambler I Scorp Trade University Scorp Trade University    
Watcher XII Watcher XII Doomheim Doomheim    
Wattameelon Bongo Angel Wattameelon Bongo Angel Doomheim Doomheim    
WayDb WayDb The Scope The Scope    
Waylan Yutani Waylan Yutani SkyLark Insurgency SkyLark Insurgency    
Weiss Pferd Weiss Pferd Doomheim Doomheim    
Welds aLot Welds aLot League of Darkness League of Darkness    
WeltenKrieger WeltenKrieger Doomheim Doomheim    
white opal white opal SpaceX Industries SpaceX Industries    
will thellrone will thellrone Noob Mercs Noob Mercs    
WinDoZe WinDoZe Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Windy Yoinkks Windy Yoinkks Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Wolfgar Dragonheart Wolfgar Dragonheart Doomheim Doomheim    
wollygog wollygog Doomheim Doomheim    
woman2hate woman2hate Aliastra Aliastra    
WoodShadow WoodShadow Fenniks Fenniks    
WooDWorkeR420 WooDWorkeR420 Meat Fortress Meat Fortress    
Woresney Aideron Woresney Aideron Doomheim Doomheim    
Wrist Tanker Wrist Tanker Disorderly.Conduct Disorderly.Conduct    
Wunderkerze Wunderkerze Balanced Unity Balanced Unity Goonswarm Federation Goonswarm Federation
Wydiculas Alpha Wydiculas Alpha Wydiculas Killer Wydiculas Killer    
xakepcyka xakepcyka TreKol Inc. TreKol Inc. LowSechnaya Sholupen LowSechnaya Sholupen
XE Ryder XE Ryder Kindred Oracles of Justice Kindred Oracles of Justice    
xeayk xeayk The Scope The Scope    
Xee Athonille Xee Athonille Doomheim Doomheim    
XephonPilot NarTerra XephonPilot NarTerra The Scope The Scope    
XIAOXIAO107 XIAOXIAO107 The Scope The Scope    
Xiolyne Moennan Xiolyne Moennan Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Xsarec Xsarec Doomheim Doomheim    
Y JJ Y JJ Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
Y usha Y usha Hedgehog in a Fog Hedgehog in a Fog    
Yael Barre Yael Barre Doomheim Doomheim    
Yan Smelyanskiy Yan Smelyanskiy Gateway Cowboys Gateway Cowboys    
Yanic333 Thellere Yanic333 Thellere C0NCORD ACADEMY C0NCORD ACADEMY    
YAOU LEE YAOU LEE Formosa Research Center Formosa Research Center Fraternity. Fraternity.
Yawnk Yawnk Aliastra Aliastra    
Yellow Shift3 Yellow Shift3 Aliastra Aliastra    
Yevrah Xam Yevrah Xam The Scope The Scope    
Yiani Yiani Doomheim Doomheim    
Ylia174 Ylia174 WarBears Inc. WarBears Inc. Southern Legion Alliance Southern Legion Alliance
Ylva Yarr Ylva Yarr Garoun Investment Bank Garoun Investment Bank    
YoMomma's Alt YoMomma's Alt Random Rainbow UniCorns Random Rainbow UniCorns    
yukiko otori yukiko otori Doomheim Doomheim    
Yuna Abre-Kai Yuna Abre-Kai Doomheim Doomheim    
Yuri Gregarin Yuri Gregarin Doomheim Doomheim    
Zacchaeus Tinywilly Zacchaeus Tinywilly Aliastra Aliastra    
Zak Smythe Zak Smythe Doomheim Doomheim    
Zal Achasse Zal Achasse HIBOO HIBOO    
Zapp Brannigan Brannigan Zapp Brannigan Brannigan Aliastra Aliastra    
Zara Amatin Zara Amatin Doomheim Doomheim    
Zeb Retig Zeb Retig Doomheim Doomheim    
Zedra Sidon Zedra Sidon Doomheim Doomheim    
Zeon Nowka Zeon Nowka The Cobrastan Cult The Cobrastan Cult Banderlogs Alliance Banderlogs Alliance
Zherneboh Zherneboh Doomheim Doomheim    
Zifferna Zifferna The Scope The Scope    
ZigZag Antollare ZigZag Antollare Psychonaughts Inc. Psychonaughts Inc.    
ZIIKus ZIIKus Blood Of The Ascended Blood Of The Ascended    
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