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Total pilots: 160 Total pilot name length: 1,904
Males: 45.6% (73) Average pilot name length: 11.90
Females: 26.9% (43) Average age: 5y 329d
    Average Security Status: 2.44
Top 10 oldest characters
1. Evette (2003-07-09 13:46:00)
2. Caila Amabar (2004-02-10 10:46:00)
3. Hesprax (2004-07-14 18:20:00)
4. Sragir (2004-08-15 15:28:00)
5. T0y0ta (2004-09-29 05:50:00)
6. Yamu (2005-01-01 15:19:00)
7. Dameanest (2005-08-02 15:15:00)
8. Ape Sauce (2005-09-08 22:36:00)
9. Khar Sajuuk (2006-01-03 01:16:00)
10. stoneyharrie2 (2006-01-21 16:12:00)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
CEOOrion Anana
Member Count75
Tax Rate15.0%
AllianceSpaceMonkey's Alliance
HQJita IV - Caldari Business Tribunal Information Center
Description Discoverings is a Sovereign NullSec Corporation in The Imperium that enjoys all facets of gameplay in Eve, from anom running, to ratting, exploration, mining, industry, PVP and more. Please do check out our website .

Our core principles are relaxed, fun, enjoyable and fair gameplay through all extents of the game where they create maximum enjoyment for all involved. Members lean towards 'light and fun' game styles where fun and laughter is more common than tears or frustration; but not always the case!

Facilities offered by the Corp include but are not limited to;

* Relaxed, chilled gameplay
* Teamwork towards a common goal whilst maximising individual aspirations
* Friendly, relaxed and inclusive agenda within the Corp and for the Alliance
* Cool toys and stuff like Corp leaderboards, top rat killer, best marketeer, best Isk per Day, etc
* Rorqual supported and boosted mining operations; naturally!
* Effective Corp Tax Rate to achieve our mutual goals
* Dedicated Teamspeak voice server keeping us all in touch both socially and functionally
* WhatsApp Messenger Group to keep in touch when not in game
* Family Friendly and Real Life Friendly
* Experienced and knowledgeable leadership team


* For Ratters - 12m Skill Points
* For Miners - 4m Skill Points with Skiff/Mackinaw
* Full Account based API with no expiry
* Mandatory Teamspeak use whilst a member
* Must be in standing Corp fleet when flying

To apply to join please complete the membership application form here and await further instructions from our team or swing by our Teamspeak at to chat with us to learn more
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