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Cerberus Incorporate
Cerberus Incorporate
Total pilots: 12 Total pilot name length: 178
Males: 33.3% (4) Average pilot name length: 14.83
Females: 0.0% (0) Average age: 7y 291d
    Average Security Status: -0.91
Top 10 oldest characters
1. Kira Dax (2003-10-04 14:57:00)
2. Artificer (2004-12-14 09:59:00)
3. Stanley Delhoya (2009-04-27 13:42:00)
4. Sariel Esdreel (2011-04-05 10:44:00)
5. Taurena Nardieu (2011-06-05 12:16:00)
6. DIaty MUERTOS (2011-12-24 14:39:59)
7. VDNKH (2012-03-10 00:21:00)
8. Migrant Horror (2012-05-14 20:14:00)
9. Thomas Hawking (2012-05-26 17:18:28)
10. Amarr Citizen 92099178 (2012-06-02 12:30:00)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
CEOKira Dax
Member Count13
Tax Rate9.9%
AllianceTribal Dragons
HQZatamaka XI - CONCORD Bureau
Description Cerberus Incorporate is an active community based on Dedication and trust,
We are actively involved in most of EVE's aspects, primarily combat and industry.

The Membership:
At the moment we have over 40+ members and are spread over various timezones (UK mainly) and strive to have members in all timezones for a 23/7 activity.
Our members are all self-sufficient and able to take care of themselves, but are not selfish and will often team up or invite eachother to run an op and pvp or mine together.

Our spot in this game of Eve Online:
We are mostly based in high/low-sec with our Corporation and also have Null-sec sov.
We also offer Teamspeak 3 comm's for operation and other MMO's like Diablo and GW, we offer specialized training for FC's and of course basic PvP and industry education.

What we are looking for:
Pilots specialized in all areas as long as you PVP or R&D ! Everyone is welcome to add to our team who isnt a window Licker! All we ask is for new recruits to be social, to interact with fellow corpmates and participate or contribute to the corp through the many ways you have able to you.

What can you expect from us:
Firstly a warm Welcome!
CERCP does not run strict schedules of daily ops or mineral quotas. Rather we team up often to work together for the corp as well as roam for kills or mines.

We operate on a high level of moral integrity. We do not tolerate ones who scam other corp mates and botters but quality trolling of none corp is welcome. We don't run censorships in corp chat, but we do not like offensive comments or insults unless they are funny. We are respectul of our fellow pilots!

Joining our Pos Base:
Our SP requirement for members to join us in the pos base is minimally 10 mil Skillpoints, But exceptions are possiable with aproval through our Director of Operations after our Recruiters are finished with you. This is to ensure you are experienced and self-sufficient as well as having skills needed for pvp fleets in home defenses.

If this sounds like something you're looking for then please drop by our channel 'CERCP Pub' for an interview with our recruitment officers or a chat with the members. Please note we require Full API key information on the application or it will be rejected.

Diplomatic Contacts:
Nero Xylius (CEO)
Kah Niel (CFO)
Replicator Ievid (Industrialist Director)
Odimmin (Financial Advisor)
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