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Blood Association of Dragons
Blood Association of Dragons
Total pilots: 3 Total pilot name length: 36
Males: 66.7% (2) Average pilot name length: 12.00
Females: 33.3% (1) Average age: 12y 201d
    Average Security Status:
Top 10 oldest characters
1. Mrs Blood (2006-07-06 23:00:00)
2. Blood DragonX (2007-02-12 01:40:00)
3. Blood DragonXX (2007-02-12 02:00:00)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
CEOBlood DragonX
Member Count3
Tax Rate0.0%
AllianceBlood Alliance of Dragons
HQKorama VI - Republic Security Services Assembly Plant
We have short and long term plans.
Join chat channel BAD-INFO to ask questions.
Have corp ts,
Check CEO's BIO

Must play with USB headset and be on ts.
Core members are veteran players with many years experience. Top mission runners, miners, manufactures, inventors and more.

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