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Black Serpent Technologies
Black Serpent Technologies
Total pilots: 145 Total pilot name length: 1,676
Males: 40.0% (58) Average pilot name length: 11.56
Females: 21.4% (31) Average age: 7y 202d
    Average Security Status: 1.91
Top 10 oldest characters
1. Mandreh (2003-05-23 17:49:00)
2. ZeeWolf (2004-05-04 23:10:00)
3. Jay Smoke (2005-04-11 16:14:00)
4. Alen Trel (2005-05-25 22:42:00)
5. Kazock (2005-05-26 08:42:00)
6. nihilist117 (2005-05-28 23:11:00)
7. Soleil Fournier (2005-06-21 03:28:00)
8. Achylies (2005-07-11 01:02:00)
9. Mickalov (2005-09-07 00:55:00)
10. Lord Nighthawk (2005-12-18 19:31:00)
Corporation Information (refresh data)
CEOGho Higyidr
Member Count200
Tax Rate5.0%
HQIgnoitton V - Moon 13 - Federation Customs Logistic Support
Description +-++++-+++&++
Recruitment Status: SELECTIVE (must have a vouch)

I ( Gho Higyidr ) am a strong supporter of Broadcast4Reps. Please, please know.. These bros and gals are here for you. Depression is a horrible disease.. but you are never alone!!

Always Remember: Broadcast4Reps

Interested in getting to know us first? Join our public Discord: Publc MAMBA Discor d
You may also convo Gho Higyidr#9164 directly.
MAMBA is a 0.0 Sov-Holding corporation. We are here to have fun and violence all your boats!!

CEO: Gho Higyid r
CO-CEOs: Kobutsu
Directors: Wind Jackel ZeeWolf
Military Contacts: Lord's Servant Var1able Bastanold vulan Wind Jackel
Officers (Oceanic): SFX Bladerunner
Officers (AUS) Arkadies Markai
Security Officer / Services Guru: Mr Twinkie

MAMBA is family. We know when real life comes first... but we also know 0.0 demands our efforts to the fullest extent possible.

We are multi-timezone. You are required to PvP if you join. 100 Kills expected in your first 30 days of your 90 day Trial Period. 500 to 1000 kills in the last YEAR required or 1500 to 2000 lifteime with a vouch.

Those interested in joining should join MAMBA Public or fill out the following out of game application HERE . FULL APIs showing all characters on the account is required. You MUST have a vouch to join!!!

Proud members of The-Culture
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